Thetford Master Plan
- Draft -

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This draft of the 1999 Thetford Master Plan has been submitted by the Thetford Planning Commission to the select board. It is posted here with the consent of the Planning Commission. The plan was written with the assistance of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission. Public hearings on this plan before the select board are scheduled as indicated below, and citizen participation is encouraged.

This document is a composite document, showing CHANGES from our previous (1993) master plan; deletions are indicated with lines through the text, additions are marked with an underlines. Some figures are missing from this electronic draft version; they will be pasted into the final print version.

Thetford Master Plan Public Hearings

Monday, December 21, 1998 5:30PM Town Hall

Monday, January 11, 1999 5:30PM Town Hall

Submitted by Christopher Levey 12/98

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