Thetford Select Board Meeting

Town of Thetford

Selectboard Meeting

January 21, 2002

Present: Mark McMahon, Rick Barrows, Mary Spata

Guest: Pi Smith

Meeting called to order at 6:45 p.m. Agenda included

approval of past meeting minutes

meet with Smith & Vansant Architects

review budget

including questions unresolved from postings

cost of living increases


highway department

treasure island

Discussed upcoming town meeting presentation with Pi Smith regarding town hall renovation and budget for bond vote. Previous estimates below area construction costs. 1999 committee chaired by Cy Severance estimated $527,000, increases in costs and square footage suggest $600,000 more realistic. Approximately $500,000 for building and $100,000 for site, water and septic. Bond vote would be for maximum of $600,000 for 20 years less any amounts which could be raised through historic preservation grants.

Smith and Vansant would like to meet with Town Hall Renovation Committee to review status of current proposal and any unresolved issues. Meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 31, 2002 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Town Hall. Ms. Smith left the meeting.

Roberta Howard joined the meeting to say she is investigating whether the hearing to select an architect had to be held during the year 2001 in which it was voted. She will contact the Secretary of State office to verify the procedure. Ms. Howard left the meeting.

Minutes of December 27, 2001 were approved as amended.

Minutes of January 7, 2002 were approved as amended.

Minutes of January 8, 2002 were approved as amended.

The selectboard gratefully acknowledges the work and contribution of Thetford Residents Hap Johnson, Noel Perrin and Jim Shapiro who reconstructed the stone wall of the cemetery on Tucker Hill Road. The wall had been in need of repair for the past few years and the town had received bids for $5000 to $10,000 for necessary work.

Reviewed budget for FY 2002 with questions to be resolved including:

amount needed for maintenance of Treasure Island facilities and caretakers' home

keeping highway expenses within budget

cost of living staff increases

benefits for full time vs. part time staff

dental insurance cost for coming year, participation previous year and whether to self-insure

establishing an administrative position for selectboard rather than clerk to take minutes

Final budget numbers will be reviewed at January 28 meeting.

Discussed concern about overtime expenditures for Highway Department to date. Concern that only four crew members should be working overtime at any one time and ideally only four crew members working throughout the plowing season to reduce overtime. Mark McMahon will discuss with Road Commissioner Dave LeFevre.

Selectboard will schedule staff evaluations.

Motion to adjourn at 11:10 p.m. unanimous. Minutes recorded by Mary Spata

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