Thetford Select Board Meeting

Thetford Selectboard Minutes

February 11, 2002

Present: Rick Barrows, Mark McMahon, Judy Bowden, and Mary Spata

Discussed road crew request for compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay. Will continue to discuss budget, overtime and management issues with road commissioner Dave LeFevre. Will schedule performance evaluations for all town employees. Will ask Mr. LeFevre to complete self-evaluation for review with selectboard.

Frank Bonnett joined meeting to discuss staffing of recycling center. Agreed staff would be paid on hourly basis. Mr. Bonnett will assume more management responsibilities including accounting for bin pick-up expenses and income. Mr. Bonnett left the meeting.

Discussed role of selectboard in town report. Would like to review income figures prior to completion of report as well as have time to proofread report.

Town Hall Renovation Meetings scheduled 2/12/02 at 4 pm to meet with Evergreen Rest Cemetery Association and Historic Preservation Committee. Meeting 2/19/02 at 5 pm to review design.

Will ask Mr. Joseph Roberts to coordinate set-up of Anderson Hall for Town Meeting Day. Mr. Barrows will pursue extra microphones with Dan Grossman.

Thetford Hill Improvement Society has requested a review of road design and changes to Library Road over the years. Selectboard will draft a letter to discuss with Improvement Society.

Ms. Bowden agreed to continue as Thetford's representative to the Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste District.

Ms. Spata will discuss creation of Recreation Committee with Ann VanDrisse and Scott O'Hearn, Treasure Island Managers. Will also ask for update of energy usage/conservation at TI.

Tucker Hill Road has been upgraded to Class 2 road, which will yield higher percent of income from the state as well as 70% grant for paving project in the coming year.

Conservation Committee meeting 2/13/02 will include discussion of 100-acre parcel adjacent to landfill in Post Mills. Ms. Bowden will attend for selectboard.

Selectboard approved request to mail Elizabeth Mine Re-use Survey to all Thetford households. It will also be available at Town Meeting.

Mr. McMahon is establishing a committee to interview candidates for Police Chief and Police staff. Positions will be advertised in newspapers and police Internet site postings.

Motion to appoint Moses Delphia as Animal Control Officer, unanimous. Mr. McMahon will review procedures with Mr. Delphia. Ms. Spata will write letter of appointment.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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