Thetford Select Board Meeting


FEBRUARY 18, 2002

PRESENT: Judy Bowden, Dave Fisk, Mary Spata

AGENDA: Road Commissioner

Elizabeth Mine

Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m.

Road Commissioner Dave LeFevre reviewed road conditions during the past two weeks. Purchased more sand which had to be hauled in and should be enough to last through rest of winter season.

Sand is available by bucket for local residents to use, not pick-up truck full!

Loader was repaired and returned today. Will try to renegotiate cost of loaned loader down from $2200 per month.

Received a letter of interest for engineering services from McFarland-Johnson Inc for bridge 20 on Stowell Road. No bid amount included. Selectboard supported Mr. LeFevre's choice to work withGuertin, Elkerton & Assoc. Inc., based on previously submitted bid.

Approved excess weight permit for McCullough Crushing Inc.

Asked Mr. LeFevre to return next week to begin employee evaluations for road crew.

Bob Walker, Scott Stokoe, Neal Meglathery and Senator Bill Corrow joined meeting to review and update progress on Elizabeth Mine EPA site. Mr. Corrow plans to support position of Town of Thetford in process as needed. Questions remain about disposition of tailings pile 3 (TP3), maintaining historic value and cost of operation and management (OM) annually to treat outflow from TP3. Local concerns now centering on impact to towns, traffic, historic preservation. Final draft of report to be presented in Strafford at 3/13, 7 pm at Barrett Hall and in Thetford on 3/14, 7 pm at Grange Hall on Thetford Hill. Comment period open until 3/27. EPA will then seek funding for engineering and design with site work to commence in 2004.

Mr. Corrow said he was optimistic that state would release use of Agency of Transportation site on West Fairlee Road for town recycling center to be shared by Thetford, West Fairlee and Vershire if that is of interest to Thetford. Will consider for discussion at town meeting as well as notify abutting property owners of possibility.

Bob Walker, on behalf of Energy Committee, will follow-up with Treasure Island managers about plans for energy conservation at residence.

Mr. Corrow, Walker, Stoke and McLathery left the meeting.

Ms. Roberta Howard joined the meeting.

Motion to approve town Check Warrant 7.1 for $15,417.31 passed unanimously

Motion to approve highway Check warrant 7.2 for $25,875.59 passed unanimously

Selectboard approved letter of agreement with Evergreen Rest Cemetery, Thetford Community Center and Timothy Frost Church regarding expansion/renovation to town hall. Ms. Spata will review with Town Hall Renovation Committee on Tuesday, 2/19 at 5 pm meeting.

Received letter from Vermont State Labor Relations Board regarding interest of road crew members to establish union. Ms. Howard will submit names of five road crew members as requested.

Ms. Bowden met with Conservation Commission to review 100 acres adjacent to Post Mills landfill. Ms. Howard was asked to calculate back taxes owed on 100 acres separate from 17 landfill parcel.

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 p.m. passed unanimously.

Minutes submitted by M. Spata

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