Thetford Select Board Meeting



April 1, 2002

Present: Rick Barrows, Sara Ferguson, Mark McMahon, Paul Raymond, Mary Spata

Guests: Jean Ulman, road commissioner Dave LeFevre, the road crew: Joe Welch, Moses Delphia, Steve Smith, Scott Magoon

Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m.

Dave LeFevre presented a proposed Valley News calendar ad, about a meeting to be held to discuss repairs to Sayer's bridge. The board approved the ad with changes.

Roberta Howard came in with a question about dog license late fees: would we waive the fee for special circumstances? After a brief discussion it was decided that we would not waive the fee, as doing so might open the door to future ambiguities or abuses.

Mr. LeFevre, present by invitation of the board, brought up several issues concerning town roads and equipment. Mr. LeFevre needed several purchase order numbers including one for a backup beeper for truck #4, jack and bolts for the equipment trailer, two (inside) tires for truck #4, road signs, and work already done on truck #2 by Sabil & Sons. The board agreed that no P.O. is required when an emergency or safety issue exists. There was discussion about New Boston Road and other town roads that present maintenance challenges. Mr. Lefevre said that there are state grants available for roads that are washed out every mud season. There was considerable discussion about five trees that were cut the preceding week, four on Sanborn Rd. and one on Latham Rd. The Sanborn Rd. landowners had been in contact with Rick, as they were unhappy about the cutting. Mr. LeFevre's understanding was that trees condemned by Elmer Brown, the Town's tree warden, could be cut. The town's tree-cutting procedure was clarified: cutting without notice to the landowner should take place only in an emergency. Rick questioned whether, in this case, an emergency had existed. Ms. Spata suggested that a board member contact the landowners, Chris Levey and Barbara DeFelice.

Donna McMahon came into the meeting at 7:20. Mark McMahon recused himself from the board. Ms. McMahon was unhappy with the results of a culvert replacement project that was done on Godfrey Rd. last summer. The board and Mr. LeFevre agreed that the problem would be remedied by moving the culvert and trying to find the surveyor's pin that had been buried. Ms. McMahon left the meeting at 7:30. Mr. McMahon rejoined the board.

There was further discussion with Mr. LeFevre, mostly about a letter written to him by the board. Mr. LeFevre responded to the the concerns listed in the letter: 1) unpredictable weather makes it difficult to schedule 40-hour weeks; 2) Mr. LaFevre is working on better organization; 3) Insurance forbids the road crew working on personal vehicles in the town garage, acknowledged; 4) the crew is working to clean up the garage.

Two driveway permits were approved by the board, the first for access to property owned by Nancy and Geoffrey Thornton (approval moved by Spata, seconded by Raymond), and one for access to property owned by Bayard and Mary Mousley (Spata/Raymond).

Mary Spata provided information to the board about a request from the Thetford Hill Historical Society to restore the Thetford Hill green to a previous size and shape by moving Library Lane. There was discussion of how this would affect traffic. Mary agreed to contact the Historical Society and the Thetford Hill Improvement Society about returning the angled road along the south end of the green to two 90-degree corners.

Rick brought up the question of whether the town would accept Church Lane as a town road. It was informally agreed that the selectboard would consider taking over a road after it was brought up to state standards.

Jean Ulman asked about the recycling center; what is the status of the project underway to move it? Ms. Ferguson responded that she is waiting for a response from Charlie Buttrey, who was to approve the agreement from a legal standpoint. Mr. McMahon said that we hope to start construction in May.

The selectboard went into executive session to discuss personnel issues at 8:40.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 p.m. Minutes submitted by S. Ferguson.

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