Thetford Select Board Meeting


April 8, 2002

PRESENT: Mary Spata, Rick Barrows, Paul Raymond, Sara Ferguson

Mark McMahon (arrived late


AGENDA: Treasure Island

Police Chief search

Renovations Committee

Recycling Center

Fire Warden

Town Clerk

Highway Department

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM

Treasure Island: Mary Spata reported that the Town had received a bid

from Perry's Oil regarding the cost of installing a new heating system

at the caretaker's house at TI. This would convert the current electric

heat to a gas-fired hot water boiler. Initially a single zone would be

installed at the lowest level, and additional zones could be added in

the future. The board discussed the virtues of various fuels (oil vs.

propane) and asked for additional bids to be submitted for an oil-fired



Lifeguard coverage is in place for the coming season, with several of

last year's team returning.


Scott and Ann are working on forming a Recreation Committee in town.

Police Search Committee: The group had it's first meeting last week

with Dan Grossman, Tim Moore, Jean Ulman, Mariah Capurso, and Charlie

Stephens attending. Additional members are Mike Zack, Penny Boyd,

Cathee Clement and Robert Bryant. The group reviewed our search

process, the job description, and discussed issues with State Trooper

Todd Protzman regarding the interface between local and state police

services. The group will meet weekly on Thursday nights.

Town Hall Renovations: The committee is working on hiring a

construction manager, planning for hazardous material removal (including

the underground fuel storage tank). The Board discussed possible grant

sources for long-range planning in Thetford Center.

Recycling Center: Sara Ferguson will contact the Nichols family

regarding finalizing the right of way agreement.

Mark McMahon joined the meeting.

Fire Warden Jeff Sirjane joined the meeting. Mr Sirjane had a proposed

municipal ordinance that would ban the open burning of household

garbage. The Fire Warden is concerned with our current dry conditions

that everyone in town be aware of the need for a burn permit, and that

everyone understand that open burning of garbage is not allowed. He has

proposed a town wide mailing to educate/inform the community.

Rick Barrows mentioned that the new Town Energy Committee had also

proposed a town-wide mailing. Mr. Barrows will coordinate this with Bob

Walker and Jeff Sirjan.

Signage: Mary Spata spoke with the State Highway Department regarding

signage for Thetford Academy that has been placed on the Thetford Hill


Town Clerk Roberta Howard joined the meeting. Paul Raymond moved that

the Board authorize the Town to secure a line of credit from Merchants

Bank for up to $500,000 at an interest rate of 3.5 percent for a period

of one year. Second Barrows. The motion was passed unanimously.

The Board signed liquor licenses for Baker's Store, the Village Store,

Wing's Market and Hugget's.

Several overweight permits were received. These are awaiting proof of



The Board met with the Town Clerk regarding office issues.


Mr. Barrows moved that the Town serve as the fiscal sponsor for a grant

application from the Elizabeth Mine Study Group (EMSG) to the CT River

Joint Commissions PartnershipProgram. The motion passed 4-1 with Mr.

Raymond opposed.


The Board reviewed minutes of meetings on 3/25 (moved Ferguson, second

Raymond) and 4/1 (moved Raymond, second Barrows). Both motions passed



There were several dog complaints over the weekend. These were referred

to the Animal Control Officer.


Highway Department: The Board discussed the supervisory relationship

between the Board and the Highway Department. It was determined that

individual members of the Board will not contact the Highway Department

on a daily basis. The Board will ask Road Commissioner Dave LeFevre to

bring a list of weekly projects to our Monday night meeting for review.


Mr. McMahon suggested putting individual crew members in charge of their

own equipment, monitoring it's condition and the need for any repairs.


Mr. Barrows will draft a letter to the residents of Sanborn Road

regarding the removal of trees in violation of the Town's stated policy.


There will be a public hearing on Wednesday, 4/10 at 10:00 am at the

Community Center regarding the Union Village Bridge project.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 pm.


Prepared by Rick Barrows.

Last Modified 06/2002 by Bill Weyrick