Thetford Select Board Meeting


MAY 13, 2002

Present: Sara Fergerson, Paul Raymond, Mary Spata

Agenda: Recycling Update, Police Search Committee Report, Town Hall Renovation Report, Union Village Bridge Update, Budget Review, Personnel Evaluations

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Sara Fergerson is looking into whether the lease at current recycling site can be extended until a permanent site is developed. She will contact Dan Grossman for a signable copy of the Nichols' Agreement.

6:40 Rick Barrows joined meeting.

Police Search Committee meeting weekly on Thursday evenings. Five candidates will be selected for interviews and three will be forwarded to Selectboard for consideration. Committee plans to ask Hanover if an officer can join the interviews. Rick Barrows will schedule interviews which will begin on 5/18/02.

Paul Raymond is concerned about extent of concrete that was poured for Union Village Bridge abutments and will contact project manager Bert Moffat to review. Jim Lign, Superintendent of bridge project joined the meeting at 7:00 p.m. to report that a design error, which requested quarter sawn siding for bridge, has been modified to flat sawn wood boards for siding and the grant will be reduced by $5000. Original bridge siding is available to town for other projects. Mr. Raymond requested a carved wood sign at each end of the bridge with the bridge name be included in project. Mr. Lign left the meeting.

Motion (Spata/Barrows) to provide town employees with Treasure Island Passes unanimous.

Plaque approved for Treasure Island in honor of Don and El Wilson.

Ms. Spata is investigating what can be done about moving the Thetford Academy sign that has been placed on the Thetford Hill common.

Motion (Spata/Barrows) to approve the minutes of 5/6/02 as corrected, unanimous.

Ms. Spata will review the options for grants for Town Hall Renovation, rewriting Town Plan and for planning grants with Kevin Geiger of Two Rivers Ottaquechee Planning Commission.

7:30 p.m. Mark McMahon joined meeting.

Discussed road problems, filled culverts, ditching needed, scheduling and other issues that need to be brought to the attention of road commissioner. Will ask road department to record inventory of town road department.

Reviewed budgets for first quarter and discussed questions and a few requested changes with Martha Howard.

Mr. McMahon has obtained copies of personnel evaluation forms used by other neighboring towns for review by the selectboard to use with Thetford town employees.

Selectboard thanks the Thetford Academy students from Operation Days Work program, Scott O'Hearn, Paul Raymond and Mark McMahon for the excellent clean-up work they did at Treasure Island and Town Hall Wallace Vault.

Check Warrant 19.2 for $12,161.09 motion (Spata/Barrows) approved unanimously.

Check Warrant 19.1 for $20,213.99 motion (Spata/Raymond) approved unanimously.

Motion to adopt Civil Ordinance Regulating the Disposal of Solid Waste Through Open Burning and Incineration (Raymond/Barrows) adopted unanimously. Ordinance will be published in Valley News and posted for 60 days before it becomes effective. Ordinance restricts open burning to untreated trees, brush and lumber, not including processed wood products. Violation subject to warning and fines.

Motion (McMahon/Raymond) to enter executive session at 9:10 p.m. to discuss personnel matters, unanimous.

Motion to end executive session (Raymond/McMahon) 10:00 p.m. unanimous.

Motion to adjourn at 10:05 (Spata/Raymond) unanimous.

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