Thetford Select Board Meeting


June 24, 2002


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Sara Ferguson, Paul Raymond,

Mark McMahon (arrives 7:30), Rick Barrows (arrives 6:40)


AGENDA: Personnel



Police Chief


100 Acres

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM. Board voted to go into Executive

Session to discuss personnel matters. Board voted out of executive

session at 6:50 pm.


Recycling: New site development will require a state permit. Existing

site needs to extend its zoning permit and lease. Surveyor Larry

Swanson will contact Engineer Robert Harrington to develop plans to put

out to bid.


The Selectboard received thanks for setting up a system for selling

trash tickets on Saturday mornings. The town is pursuing alternate

arrangements for a packer truck and solid waste hauling.


There were two complaints about the behavior of Selectboard member Paul

Raymond while acting as a representative of the town. The first

concerned interactions with the staff of the recycling center this past

Saturday. The second involved a local business where Mr. Raymond was

posting notice of the availability of trash tickets.


Other members of the board agreed that Mr. Raymond's behavior on these

occasions was inappropriate. They asked him to allow the staff to run

the operations of the recycling center and to use due courtesy when

conducting town business.


Town Clerk Roberta Howard joined the meeting. She questioned whether

the Selectboard wanted to pre-approve checks for supplies within any

department's budget. The board does not require pre-approval ordinary

and routine purchases.


A check in the amount of $24,151.28 has been received from the State for

work on the Union Village bridge. This amount will be forwarded to the



The Municipal Bond Bank has approved our bond application for the Town

Hall renovations.


Mr. McMahon joined the meeting.


The Board reviewed information regarding the ORPHA development in Post

Mills and a proposed change to the lot layout.


Dental insurance rates have increased slightly. The Board agreed to

renew dental coverage for one additional year. (Ferguson/Spata), passed



Paving -. Ellis Paige joined the meeting to discuss the Tucker Hill

Road project. The question is whether to regrind the existing surface

or merely add a top coat (at half the cost, and thus, twice the

distance). The virtues of each approach were discussed.


The Board reviewed the ditching recently done by the Town of Norwich on

Campbell Flats Road. The road is no wider, but the ditches are clean.

Our Highway Department needs to return to Picknell Road to complete the

clean-up of a washout.


Funding for municipal planning grants is available. Ms. Spata will

contact the Two Rivers/Ottaquechee RPC.


The Board was notified by a resident of Sawnee Bean that there are

numerous potholes.


Police Chief Phil Call is ready to start on July 8. Mr. Barrows will

write a letter confirming a six month probationary period and starting

salary. He will also research employment contracts with VLCT.


Warrants - The Board reviewed and approved warrants 23.1 for the Town

(amount $10,723.21) and 23.2 for the Highway (amount $7,670.08). Moved

Ferguson, second Spata, passed unanimously.


Highway Department - there is some question, apparently about personnel

records for the highway crew and amounts of accrued leave/vacation

time. The board will explore this further.


100 Acres: If the Town is at all responsible for the future of the

water supply located on the site, then we are not interested in taking

possession of the property. The board will explore other alternatives

including not taking possession of the parcel that contains the new

water supply, or reaching agreement with the new water coop to release

the Town from any liability involving preveious contamination at the

landfill site.

Mr. Raymond will follow up with VLCT regarding lawsuit for personal


The Board voted to go into Executive Session at 10:00 pm to discuss

personnel matters. The Board voted out of Executive Session at 10:15


Meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm.

Prepared by Rick Barrows.

Last Modified 07/2002 by Bill Weyrick