Thetford Select Board Meeting


August 26, 2002

PRESENT: Mark McMahon, Mary Spata, Sara Ferguson, Rick Barrows


AGENDA: Highway Commissioner

Transportation Charrette

Upper Valley Ambulance

Foliage Five Road Race

Executive Session

Brownfields Nomination


Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM.

Highway Commissioner: Frank Thurston joined the meeting. The board

discussed staffing and scheduling, emergency coverage, ongoing projects,

gravel resurfacing, and winter sand. The crew will return to a five-day

schedule after Labor Day.


There was discussion about the paving project on Tucker Hill Road, which

was arranged by the Selectboard. The board recommends that in the

future that written contracts be obtained for such projects, and that

shoulder work should be included in the bids. We also need to ensure

that driveway aprons extend a full three feet from the paved surface.


The Selectboard approved a driveway permit for Michael Shoob.



Two Rivers/Ottaquechee RPC: Chuck Wise from TRORPC joined the meeting

to discuss the transportation design workshop (charrette) planned for

Thetford Hill. The dates will be September 24 and 26 (evenings), with

outside consultants available to discuss transportation options

(vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian) and landscape options. These meetings

will be open to the public, and will guide the Selectboard in pursuing

grant funding for improvements to Thetford Hill.


Upper Valley Ambulance: Kevin Cole, John Vose and Larry Lancaster of

UVA, Inc. along with members of the Thetford FAST Squad and emergency

services (Janet Stowell, George Stowell, Spunk Kuehlwein, Bill Wallace,

Tim Ouellette, Penny Sirjane, Don Fifield, Mariah Capurso, and Wendy

Cole) joined the meeting to discuss concerns expressed about the

relationship and operating protocols of UVA and the Thetford FAST

squad. All agreed that patient service has never been compromised,

although there have been some difficulties for the two organizations

working together. It was agreed that more interaction (through

attendance at joint meetings and trainings) would help the process run

more smoothly. It was also agreed that feedback needs to be given on a

timely basis - and needs a response as well. The visitors left the

meeting at 9:20.


Foliage Five Road Race: Mr. Buttrey joined the meeting to request that

the detour route over the Union Village Dam be closed to vehicle traffic

for several hours on the morning of Sunday, 10/13 to allow for the

annual road race. He will consult the Army Corps of Engineers regarding

this issue. The Board voted (Ferguson/Spata) to authorize this request.


Mr. Buttrey, as member of the School Board, also invited the Selectboard

to the upcoming meeting at the Elementary School on Tuesday, September 3

at 7 pm to review the construction project. Mr. Buttrey left the



Executive Session: The Board went into Executive Session at 9:40 pm to

discuss personnel matters. The Board left Executive Session at 9:55 pm.

Brownfields Nominations: The Board decided to submit the current Town

Garage site as a potential recipient of a brownfields grant to assist in

remediation of old environmental issues. Funding for these projects is



Recycling: The town needs to respond to the Planning Board re: our

request for an extension of the temporary permit for the Recycling

Center located at it's current location on Route 113. Work on the new

site is continuing, and the engineer is preparing plans to be put out to

bid. We are still awaiting a legal signature on our agreement for a

right-of-way across the Nichols Trust property.


The Board discussed a transition to a new system of tickets and hauler,

to be put in place by the end of September.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 pm.

Prepared by Rick Barrows.

Last Modified 10/2002 by Bill Weyrick