Thetford Select Board Meeting


September 30, 2002

Present: Sara Ferguson, Rick Barrows, Mark McMahon, Mary Spata

Agenda: Road Commissioner, Recycling Center, Thetford Hill Design Charette, Personnel

Met with Road Commissioner Frank Thurston. Update on condition of roads and crew projects. Expect to clean up previous projects on Sanborn and West Fairlee Roads. Will delay hauling winter sand until other projects completed. New crew member, Mr. Timothy Gibbs started work today. Mr. Thurston left the meeting.

Jeff Gilman of W.B. Rogers Excavating of Randolph, joined the meeting to discuss scope of work for potential recycling center. Their company completed parking lot at Thetford Elementary and are interested in bidding on this project. Will submit formal bid.

Charlie Buttrey joined the meeting to discuss $6000 cost of high-speed internet line to Latham Library and Thetford Elementary and how to cover the expense. He will also contact the library.

Jim Fowle joined the meeting to ask about the next steps and schedule for the Thetford Hill traffic design process and commended the board on the excellent design charette held at the Library during the week. Two Rivers Ottaquechee Planning Commission Senior Transportation Planner, Chuck Wise, will be reporting to the selectboard next week and comments for a Transportation Enhancement Grant are due by November 1. The goal of the project is to reduce speed on Thetford Hill, improve safety at intersections and for pedestrians. A draft report will be available at the Library shortly.

Planning Commission approved a temporary permit for the Town Recycling Center to remain in its current location for one year while a permanent site is being pursued.

Motion to approve lease agreement for the current site with the Rita and Roland French for one year for $3000 (Ferguson/Barrows) Unanimous.

Will present plans at town meeting for costs of recycling and trash removal and alternate cost savings.

Motion to accept Listing Agreement with Ann Swanson Real Estate for town owned property on Route 113 in Post Mills (former Hatches Store) listing property for sale at $27,500 (Ferguson/Barrows) unanimous.

Motion to enter Executive Session to discuss personnel at 8:50 p.m. (McMahon/Ferguson) unanimous.

Motion to end Executive Session at 9:15 (Spata/Ferguson) unanimous.

Mark McMahon will contact Treasure Island Managers about bids for heating system for residence.

Motion to adjourn at 9:20 p.m. (Spata/Barrows) unanimous.

Minutes submitted by Mary Spata

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