Thetford Select Board Meeting


October 28, 2002

Present: Sara Ferguson, Rick Barrows, Mary Spata

Agenda: Road Commissioner, Upper Valley Land Trust, Recycling Update, Budgets

Met with Road Commissioner Frank Thurston to review current projects. Completed hardpack at base of Robinson Hill Road and will lay some at base of Barker Road. Completed grading in Post Mills, Whipporwill Road. Currently hauling sand with three trucks for next ten days. Mr. Thurston left meeting. Will ask Mr. Thurston to review Personnel Policies with new staff.

Skip Sturman joined meeting to present proposal to preserve the remaining land of the Palmer Farm in North Thetford. Arthur and Arlene Palmer are working with the Upper Valley Land Trust. In 1999 they preserved 125 acres and are interested in preserving remaining 472 acres providing a significant wildlife corridor to Potato Hill. The Upper Valley Land Trust, with the support of Thetford Conservation Commission is applying for a senic easment through Vermont Transportation Enhancement Grantsdue November 6. Annette Lorraine from the Land Trust joined the meeting.

Motion to support Vermont Transportation Grant Application with a letter of endorsement regarding the Palmer Property in North Thetford. (Barrows/Ferguson) unanimous. Mr. Sturman and Ms. Lorraine left the meeting.

Laurie Needham and Mikayla Needham joined the meeting to discuss problems they are experiencing with neighbor's dogs who had previously attacked and killed their dog. Problems continue with unrestrained dogs. They will work with Animal Control Officer Moses Delphia and can reach him by pager when necessary. The police chief will be involved if necessary.

No progress in Recycling Center Right of Way agreement. Will continue to pursue bids for excavation based on current engineering design. Will evaluate potential site's expansion capacity.

Discussed options for heating system for lower level of caretakers residence at Treasure Island.

Motion to accept bid from Perry's Oil of Bradford to install heating system and energy efficient hot water heater for $6099 to be expended from Treasure Island budget. (Barrows/Ferguson) unanimous.

Reviewed 2002 budgets ending third quarter. Discussed options for investing current $600,000 bond for town hall renovation until it is expended in the spring. Treasurer, Ms. Howard will make arrangements for Certificates of Deposit.

Motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. (Ferguson/Barrows) unanimous.

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