Thetford Select Board Meeting



4 November, 2002

Present: Sara Ferguson, Mark McMahon, Paul Raymond, Mary Spata, Rick Barrows


Agenda: Grant


2 Rivers

Payment Authorizations

Sayre's Bridge Work


Executive Session


Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m.

The Town has received funds in the amount of $9,500. from the State of Vermont; this is grant money that goes toward the required 2004 update of the Town Plan.

Phil Call, Police Chief in to discuss police matters. There was discussion of staffing, and the need for a fax machine and a TV/VCR for viewing evidence tapes. Chief Call informed the Selectboard that he will act as primary contact person for State CDL screening.

Chuck Wise, Senior Planner for the Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Planning Commission, came in to get signatures on the Thetford Hill Planning Grant application he prepared for the Town.

A motion passed unanimously (Spata/Ferguson) to authorize payment of $225.00 to Shep Butler landscaping for work on the Town Hall renovation project.

A motion passed unanimously (Spata/Ferguson) to make a memorial donation to the North Thetford Church in the name of Joyce Bonnett.

A motion passed unanimously (Spata/Ferguson) to approve payment to Harrington Engineers in the amount of $2,642.75, invoice #1102-024, for design work done on the proposed new recycling center site.

Notices have been posted about the closing of Sayre's Bridge planned to take place on Monday, Nov. 11, to allow for repairs. The closing is expected to last for one week or less. A motion passed unanimously (Raymond/Spata) to approve the use of old siding from the Union Village Bridge for repairs to Sayre's Bridge.

Minutes from 14 October approved (McMahon/Ferguson) as amended.

Minutes from 28 October approved (Ferguson/Barrows) as amended.

The board went into executive session at 9:55 (Spata/Barrows); out of executive session at 10:15.

Meeting adjourned (Spata/Ferguson) at 10:20.

Minutes prepared by Sara Ferguson

Last Modified 12/2002 by Bill Weyrick