Thetford Select Board Meeting



November 18, 2002

Present: Sara Ferguson, Mark McMahon, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows

Agenda: Roads

Budget Hearings: Lister

Treasure Island

Recreation Committee

Executive Session


100 Acres

Meeting called to order at 6:41 p.m.

Frank Thurston present for discussion of roads. Ellis Paige, Logan Paige, Lois Page, and Roxanne Page came in to discuss concerns about recent work done on Sayre's Bridge. Recently installed planking was placed too far apart, and there were steep slopes onto the planks at both ends of the bridge. The Selectboard was already aware of these problems, and informed the concerned parties that corrective work was scheduled for the following day. The group of visitors left the meeting.

Scheduling of road crew hours was also discussed.

Nan Vosberg and Lynn Miller, Budget Committee members, came in for budget hearings. Janet Stowell and Denise Adams came in at 7:15 to present the Listers' budget requests, and left at 7:50.

A request was made by Bill Halsey and Cole Electric to tap into the electric line near the Elementary School basketball court for power on the job site. The request was granted. The contractor will be responsible for any additional costs.

Scott and Ann O'Hearn came in at 8:15 to present the Treasure Island and Recreation Committee budget requests. They left the meeting at 9:15.

The Board went into executive session at 9:30 (Barrows/Raymond), to discuss personnel matters. Executive session ended at 10:15.

Minutes of 11/11 were unanimously approved (Raymond/Ferguson).

The proposed transfer, by the State, to the Town, of 100 acres in Post Mills, as provided for in the Landfill Agreement, was discussed. The Town is owed property taxes on the land. The Board discussed several methods by which these taxes can be forgiven.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 (Barrows/Ferguson).

Minutes prepared by Sara Ferguson

Last Modified 12/2002 by Bill Weyrick