Thetford Select Board Meeting

Selectboard Minutes

December 2, 2002

PRESENT: Paul Raymond, Sara Ferguson, Mary Spata, Rick Barrows

GUESTS: Joel Legunn, Ellis Paige, John Manning, Bob Brown, Sandra Miller, Gina Sonne, Gary Ulman, Mark Schindler

AGENDA: Sayre's Bridge, Union Village Bridge, FY'04 Budget Review

Plans to repair Sayre's Bridge on Tucker Hill Road were discussed. Suggestions include installation of lighting, curbing and signs denoting caution, reduce speed, one lane. Mr. Ulman offered to remove existing planks at no cost to town. Residents requested speed change to 25mph on Tucker Hill Road from Route 113 to Whipporwhil Road. Ms. Sonne requested a protocol be established including notification of residents when changes are being considered for roads and bridges. State engineer will be asked to review necessary repairs to have bridge opened immediately. Detour signs will be posted and barriers repositioned on Tucker Hill Road. Ms. Ferguson will contact state engineers. Mr. McMahon will have signs installed and barricades repositioned.

Mark McMahon joined meeting at 7:00 p.m. Guests left meeting.

Budget Committee Nan Vosburgh, Mike Brown and Lynn Miller joined meeting as well as Fire Department members Chief Don Fifield, Penny Sirjane, Gail Paige.

Reviewed budget for Fire Department request of level funding with a few increases including maintenance. Fire Department recommends warning capital equipment reserve fund be established at approximately $35,000 per year for purchase/replacement of trucks every 7 to 1 0 years . Selectboard thanked Fire Department members for their dedication and the excellent work they do on behalf of Thetford residents. Fire Department members left meeting.

Fire Warden Jeff Sirjane joined meeting to review level-funded budget request for forest and field fire management. Mr. Sirjane was thanked for the work of all the Fire Wardens. Mr. Sirjane left meeting.

Bill Thrane, Zoning Administrator joined meeting to discuss budget and recommended increase in fees for permits as approved by Planning Commission. Mr. Thrane was commended for all he has done this year and asked if he would consider increasing his hours from 8 to 12 hours per week. Mr. Thrane left the meeting.

Motion to adopt Revised Zoning Fees as proposed by Planning Commission on 11/26/02 to take effect on January 1, 2003. (Spata/Ferguson) unanimous.

Police Chief Phil Call joined meeting to discuss budget for Police Department. Increases reflect needs of increased staffing of equivalent of a full-time officer in addition to Chief Call. Mr. Call left the meeting as did Budget Committee members.

Union Village Bridge final inspection ocurred on 11/27/02. Attending for Thetford were Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Spata and Mr. Raymond. Concerns expressed about excessive lighting and inadequate sensors, size of window openings and fire retardant to be applied by 5/15/03. State cautioned against changing design of windows as they are the original design in keeping with the historic nature of the structure. Project was felt to be commendable and acceptable.

Motion to adjourn 10:50 p.m. (Barrows/Ferguson) unanimous.

Minutes submitted by Mary Spata

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