Thetford Select Board Meeting


JANUARY 13, 2003

PRESENT: Paul Raymond, Sara Ferguson, Mary Spata, Mark McMahon, Rick Barrows

AGENDA: Roads, Emergency Services, Budgets

Road member required medical attention due to contact with battery acid. He was not wearing safety glasses or gloves. The selectboard will ask Road Commissioner to review safety procedures with employees.

Road department currently has limited amount of sand. Residents are reminded that only a small amount of sand, (one bucket) may be used for personal property.

Letter will be sent to Hanover Ambulance requesting possible services for the town of Thetford.

Letter sent to Roger Perkins of Stevens Road enforcing a fine for unregistered vehicles at his property per VSA Title 24 #2241-2291 and Thetford Zoning Ordinance 360.

Letter will be sent to Road Commissioner outlining concerns regarding road maintenance.

Motion to approve minutes of November 25, 2002 as amended (Spata/Ferguson) unanimous.

Motion to approve payment of $426.03 to Mr. Pero for replacing door (McMahon/Ferguson) unanimous.

Motion to approve minutes of January 6, 2003 as amended (Spata/Barrows) unanimous.

Ellis Paige joined meeting. Requested posting of Sayer's Bridge and Tucker Hill Road. Will request road crew to post weight limit of 24,000 lbs. and speed limit signs of 25 mph, 5 mph on bridge. Mr. Paige left meeting.

Discussed town budgets, current and proposed. Reviewed budgets wtih Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk. Town Clerk will publish notice in Valley News about open town positions requiring petitions to be submitted by 1/27/03 with special note that current Town Clerk and Town Treasurer will not be seeking re-election. Town Clerk asked for assistance in preparing this year's annual report. Sara Ferguson agreed to coordinate report.

Contents for Town Annual Report due by January 15.


Articles to be written for Warning for Town Meeting to be posted by 1/30/03:

Recycling Proposal

Tax Collecting for past due taxes

Fire truck replacement fund

Town truck replacement

POW MIA flag flying at Town Hall

VNA increase

Safeline increase

Audit financing

Transfer Union Village Bridge special fund to general bridge fund

Discussed proposed recycling site and current site. Proposed site has limited room for expansion beyond one acre due to ledge, development cost approximately $130,000 plus maintenance of 300' driveway, limited accessibility, traffic access concerns and access permit requirements. Current site presents residential impact, impact of potential expansion, potential for more usuable space from current one acre to possibly 3 acres, development cost of $75,000 for improvements to site and permit requirements. Selectboard will hold open hearing to discuss options prior to Town Meeting.

Motion to have Thetford Fire Department purchase a snow blower from $1000 Emergency Management Fund (McMahon/Ferguson) unanimous.

Motion to adjourn at 11:35 p.m. (Spata/Ferguson) unanimous.

Minutes submitted by Mary Spata

Last Modified 1/2003 by Bill Weyrick