Thetford Select Board Meeting


January 20, 2003


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Sara Ferguson, Mark McMahon, Rick

Barrows (arrived 6:50)


AGENDA: Highway Department, Bus parking issues, Town Meeting warning,

Unlicensed dogs, Town Hall staff budget, Minutes

Guests: Jessica Eaton; Frank Thurston, Road Commissioner


Jessica Eaton in to discuss bus parking issues. RC Frank Thurston will

speak to property owners about appropriate places to plow the snow from

the turnaround. Ms. Eaton left at 7:00 pm.


6:40 Highway Dept: RC Frank Thurston in to discuss sand supplies,

proposed purchase of a new truck, clearing access to fire hydrants, and

staffing issues.


7:45 Town Clerk Roberta Howard and Assistant Clerk Martha Howard in to

discuss proposed warned articles and the upcoming town report.


Unlicensed dogs. Selectboard authorized Town Clerk to assess a $25 late

fee for any dogs which come in unlicensed for a renewal of a prior

license. The Animal Control Officer will be instructed to pursue this.


Recycling: The Board discussed proposals for Town Meeting.


Budgets: The Board discussed budgeted hours for Town Clerk, Treasurer,

and Assistant positions. A motion (Spata/Barrows) was made to offer a

retirement plan to full time Town employees with up to a five percent

match from the Town for contributions.


The Board reviewed and approved unanimously the minutes of 1/13/03



The Board went into Executive Session (Barrows/Spata) at 10:20 to

discuss personnel matters. The Board left Executive Session at 10:30.

The Board reviewed detailed construction plans for the Town Hall

Renovation project.


Meeting adjourned at 10:40 pm.

Submitted by Rick Barrows

Last Modified 3/2003 by Bill Weyrick