Thetford Select Board Meeting


February 17, 2003


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Sara Ferguson, Mark McMahon, Rick

Barrows (arrived 6:45)


AGENDA: Highway Department, VLCT Insurance, Recycling, Warrants, Minutes

Guests: Frank Thurston, Road Commissioner, Art LaPierre (VLCT), Roberta

Howard, Town Clerk


Called to order at 6:35.


Highway Dept: RC Frank Thurston in to discuss the possibility of the

road crew doing some of the site work for the new Town Hall project.


VLC&T: Art LaPierre in to discuss the above average number and amount

of insurance claims filed by the Town of Thetford over the past five

years. VLCT will help review our policies and procedures, and help us

to develop new approaches to address actual or potential problems.


Recycling: Moved (Spata/Ferguson) to appoint new members of the

Recycling Committee. This group will make recommendations to the

Selectboard for the immediate and long-term needs of the recycling

program. Passed unanimously.


Town Clerk Roberta Howard in with Warrant #7.1 for the Town ($22,

487.79) and Warrant #7.2 for the Highway ($40,356.05). Motion to

approve (Barrows/McMahon) passed unanimously.


The Board reviewed and approved unanimously the minutes of 2/3/03

(Barrows/Ferguson). The Board reviewed and approved unanimously

(McMahon abstaining) the minutes of 2/10/03 (Ferguson/Barrows).


Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Submitted by Rick Barrows

Last Modified 3/2003 by Bill Weyrick