Thetford Select Board Meeting


May 19, 2003

PRESENT: Rick Barrows, Sara Ferguson, Paul Raymond , Mary Spata, Mark

McMahon (arrived 7:15)

AGENDA: Review minutes, Personnel Policy, Unregistered Vehicles, Highway

Department, Personnel

Guests: Resident, Chief Phil Call, Officer Jeff Sullivan, Chris Callahan


Called to order at 6:37.

The minutes of 5/12/03 were approved unanimously as amended (Ferguson/



Personnel Policy: The latest revision to the Earned-Time-Off policy

proposed allows for 18 month accrual of leave benefits. There is no

provision for "cashing out" any unused ETO. The Board will review

accumulated leave records and overtime hours paid since the first of the

year to see that holiday and leave time were correctly calculated.

Payroll is now being handled by the Treasurer.


Copies of the proposed policy will be distributed by 6/1 for employee

comments and questions in the following two weeks.


7:15 Mark McMahon joined the meeting.


Resident in to discuss neighbors' concern with unregistered vehicles.

More than three vehicles unregistered for 90 days and you need a special

permit. He will be removing vehicles this week and will be in

compliance. Board received another complaint about debris at a property

on Route 132. Selectboard can investigate further to determine if this

poses a possible health risk.


Highway Department: Reviewed recent efforts by the highway department.

Touch up grading of Burnham Road was only marginally effective, as

problems will return without full grading. Robinson Hill needs shoulder

work, as hard pack is on the edge of the road. Selectboard is still

waiting for a report of a ditching schedule.


Guests Phil Call, Jeff Sullivan, and attorney Chris Callahan arrived to

discuss personnel matters. Mr. Sullivan was presented with a letter

from the Board (signed by McMahon, Barrows, Ferguson, Spata; Raymond

abstaining) concerning issues raised by citizens. Board voted to go

into Executive Session at 8:22 (Barrows/McMahon). Board came out of

Executive Session at 8:30. The Board discussed contacting our Town

Attorney regarding employment issues. Until then the Board agreed that

our part-time officer will remain unassigned. Mr. Sullivan and Mr.

Callahan left the meeting at 9:05.


Board continued discussing police department issues with Chief Call.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm (Spata/McMahon)


Submitted by Rick Barrows

Last Modified 6/2003 by Bill Weyrick