Thetford Select Board Meeting

Thetford Selectboard Minutes

June 9, 2003


Present: Sara Ferguson, Rick Barrows, Paul Raymond, Mary Spata, Mark McMahon

GUEST: Roxanne Paige


Agenda: Roads, Police, Recycling


Discussed concerns about vandalism and speeding on Houghton Hill Road and Whippoorwill Roads. Town will install speed limit sign and handicapped resident sign on Whippoorwill Road and will direct the Police Department to monitor situations on both roads.


Fred and Beth Budzyn joined the meeting to make an offer to purchase former Fraser property in Post Mills which town acquired in a tax sale. Motion to accept $15,000 exclusive of commissions and post 30 day notice as required (Barrows/McMahon) unanimous. Budzyns left meeting.


Ellis Paige joined meeting to inquire about shoulder work on Tucker Hill Road and paving of Sayer Bridge. Both items will be referred to road commissioner.


Will meet with Police Chief Call next week.


Sara Ferguson reported that Recycling Committee is still pursuing alternate property options.


Selectboard would like to meet with Listers upon closing of grand list to review reappraisal process.


Motion to adjourn at 10:40 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Mary Spata

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