Thetford Select Board Meeting


June 16, 2003


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows, Sara Ferguson (arrived 6:55pm)

Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: Tracy Borst, Town Clerk; Phil Call, Police Chief; Ellis Paige, Lynne Miller


AGENDA: Police Department, Town Newsletter, Personnel, Recycling


Called to order at 6:45pm.


Police Chief, Phil Call joined the meeting at 6:50.


Police Department:

Chief Call notifies the State Police Barracks of his schedule and is addressing concerns with their system. DWI Program at T.A. was a success and graduation weekend went well. Chief Call is reviewing applications for part-time officers. He has two applicants with experience and will try to arrange for the applicants to meet with the Board on June 23 at 7:30 and 8:00. Chief Call is addressing traffic concerns on Whippoorwill, West Fairlee and Houghton Hill Roads.


Ellis Paige and Lynne Miller joined the meeting at 7:15.

Chief Call left the meeting at 7:30.



Ms. Miller reviewed the July/August Town Newsletter with the Board. They will increase the number of copies being made to 500 and distribute this Friday. Cathee Clement is interested in helping with the newsletter. There is interest in getting the newsletters to senior citizens and there was discussion of the possibility of Meals on Wheels drivers distributing them with the meals.


Tracy Borst came to the meeting at 7:35 to coordinate the date of distribution.

Ms. Miller and Ms. Borst left at 7:50.


Mr. Ellis Paige came to discuss concerns about the patching of Sayer Bridge;Mr. Raymond will talk to Mark McMahon to further address the completion of project. Tucker Hill Rd. repairs- Mr. Paige would like added to the list- regrading by his mailbox and at the access to his field. He was happy to see the signs that were put up on Whippoorwill Rd. and is still concerned with speeders. Mr. Paige was encouraged to call the police department about specific problems. He left the meeting at 8:15.


Ms. Borst joined the meeting at 8:15. The person who cleans the building will be ending her employment as of June 30. Ms. Borst will work on finding her replacement.

The Town Clerk received a complaint about junk on a property. Motion to send a letter to property owner about possible violation of junkyard statute (Spata/Ferguson) Unanimous.



June 16, 2003


Ms. Borst left the meeting at 8:45.



Proposed Personnel Policies were e-mailed to attorney at VLCT, who will offer a proposed fee to review the policies.



Discussed the status of the current location of recycling. Study committee continues its work and will plan to come to a future selectboard meeting to present its report.


Planning and Zoning:

Selectboard members attended the Planning Commission meeting to review the impact on roadways of a potential development off Cadwell Rd.


Other Business:

The minutes of 6-2-03 were approved unanimously, as amended. (Barrows/Spata)


The minutes of 6-9-03 were approved unanimously, as amended. (Ferguson/Barrows)


The Listers will come to the next meeting at 6:30 p.m. to review Grand List and grievance process.


Motion to adjourn at 10:00pm. (Raymond/Barrows) unanimous.

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