Thetford Select Board Meeting


June 30, 2003 (draft)


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows, Mark McMahon (arrived 8:20pm)

Marilyn Cook (Clerk)


Guests: Board of Listers: Janet Stowell, Denise Adams, Roxy Maxfield


Called to order at 6:38pm.


Board of Listers (summary of discussion):

The Listers reviewed the changes to the town-wide reappraisal of properties. They updated the status of grievances, appeals and general questions. There were 660 appraisal changes.

The Listers are confident in the physical data that they now have on properties. The computerized data and maps will make future assessments or changes easier to complete.

The grand list will be completed by July 25 and sent to the state by August 15.

Office hours have been changed to summer hours (Tues & Wed 8am-4pm). The hours were posted in the Valley News.

Construction plans- In preparation for the next phase of the construction, the Selectboard suggests the Listers plan for packing, file consolidation, etc.

Budget item- The Listers' office currently has two phone lines; the 2nd line is mostly used during the 2-week grievance period and for modem/fax access. Modem access may be resolved upon completion of construction. The Selectboard will work with the Town Clerk to determine the number of phone lines needed. In addition to the answering machine, the Listers now have voice mail available through the Town Clerk's number.

Janet Stowell, Denise Adams and Roxy Maxfield left the meeting at 7:15pm.


Motion to pay membership dues to Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Municipal for fiscal year 2004 in the amount of $14,393.50. (Raymond/Barrows) Unanimous.


Paul Raymond will contact the owner of a residence on West Fairlee Road that continues to accumulate "junk" prohibited by state statute.


Mr. Raymond was informed about an erosion problem of the river behind the Fire Training Center. He will talk to Tim Moore of the Thetford Fire Department and Mark McMahon.


Personnel Policy:

Julie Fothergill, Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT), made suggestions to the draft policy. The Selectboard reviewed and incorporated suggestions. Ms. Spata will edit the draft and present at the next meeting for adoption.


Mark McMahon arrived at 8:20pm.


The proposed retirement plan for full-time employees was discussed.



Postponed due to Sara Ferguson's absence.



The minutes of 6-23-03 were approved unanimously, as amended. (Barrows/Spata)


Ellis Paige joined the meeting at 9:10pm.

Mr. Paige thanked the road crew for patching the Sayre Bridge. He left the meeting at 9:15pm.


Motion to approve Highway warrant 24.2 in the amount of $1958.57 (Barrow/Raymond) Unanimous. The motion carries.


Motion to approve check warrant 24.1 (general fund) in the amount of $15,404.92 (Spata/Raymond) Unanimous. The motion carries.


Motion to approve check warrant 26.1 (general fund) in the amount of $3112.20 (Barrows/Spata) Unanimous. The motion carries.


Motion to approve check warrant 26.2 in the amount of $5,742.55. (Raymond/Spata) Unanimous. The motion carries.


Motion to enter Executive Session to discuss personnel issues at 9:32pm. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous. Motion carries.


Ms. Cook left the meeting at 9:32pm.


Out of executive session at 10:02pm.


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:20pm. (Spata/Raymond) Unanimous.

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