Thetford Select Board Meeting


JULY 7, 2003


Present: Rick Barrows, Sara Ferguson, Mary Spata

Guests: Jim Fowle, Clark Graff, Frank Thurston, Peter Gregory, Chuck Wise


Agenda: Thetford Hill Signs, Road Commissioner, Treasure Island, Personnel


Meeting called to order at 6:45 p.m.

Chuck Wise and Peter Gregory from Two Rivers Ottaquechee Regional Planning Commission presented overview of roadway signs on Thetford Hill. It was agreed to remove duplicative and extraneous signs as too many exist to be effective. Mr. Wise will coordinate with state and town.


7:00 p.m. Mark McMahon joined meeting.


Intersection at Academy and Library Roads will be reviewed at site meeting on Monday, July 21 at 9:00 a.m. All are invited. Mr. Wise also presented town with a pedestrian crossing sign that could be used on Route 113 at Thetford Hill Church. Mr. Wise will prepare report on actions to be taken. Mr. Wise and Mr. Gregory left the meeting.


Road Commissioner Frank Thurston reported loader had been repaired, work on Route 132 should be completed this week as well as improvement to shoulder on Tucker Hill Road. Recommended we consider selling chloride tanks to Norwich or Hill Martin Co.


Messrs. Barrows and Thurston reviewed and agreed on up-to-date personnel time records and leave-time.

Road commissioner will consider hiring contractor to do mowing and possibly preparation and ditching work on Sawnee Bean and Barker Roads.


Mr. Thurston will obtain information from Paul Raymond regarding bridge work for Stowell Road. Mr. Barrows will coordinate replacement of trees on Sanborn Road near Levey/DeFelice property. Mr. Thurston left meeting.


Adam Keller in to submit Driveway Permit request to retain approved temporary driveway. Motion to approve Keller driveway request (McMahon/Barrows) unanimous.


Scott O'Hearn from Treasure Island reviewed activities at Treasure Island. Record attendance this season. Randy Miller and residents' efforts have improved reduction of milfoil. Great participation and feedback in arts and crafts, swimming, field day sports and reading programs offered at Treasure Island. Forty-six participants in privately funded West Fairlee swim program. Ann O'Hearn has become certified swimming instructor and is offering Guard Start program to 10 enrollees. Road crew completing removal of fallen trees. Stray domesticated geese are being removed from beach. Septic system in good order. Obtaining estimates for roof replacement on residence. Mr. O'Hearn left meeting.


Police Chief Call in at 8:40 p.m. for interview with candidate, who is a full-time certified police officer, seeking part-time position. Candidate will submit resume for review and left meeting with Chief Call.


Ellis Paige joined meeting at 9:00 p.m. regarding safety of work areas on Route 132 and Tucker Hill Road. Mr. McMahon will review with Road Commissioner. Mr. Ellis left meeting at 9:20 p.m.


Final draft of Town Personnel Policy was reviewed and changes incorporated per review by Vermont League of Cities and Towns.


Motion to adopt Town of Thetford Personnel Policy as amended (Spata/Barrows) unanimous.


Sara Ferguson reported for Recycling Committee. Will continue to pursue Thetford Academy land at corner of Route 113 and Godfrey Road as well as site on Stowell Road. She will also contact the Frenchs about current site. Mr. Fred Moody from Upper Valley Solid Waste District will review options for town recycling.


Rick Barrows reviewed recent payroll and overtime reports. Selectboard is waiting to see monthly budget reports as well.


Motion to adjourn at 10:45 p.m. (Spata/Ferguson) unanimous.


Minutes submitted by Mary Spata

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