Thetford Select Board Meeting


September 8, 2003

Present: Sara Ferguson, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows, Mark McMahon

Marilyn Cook (Clerk)

Guests: Susan Arnold, Alford Stone

Meeting called to order at 6:42 pm.

Susan Arnold presented concerns and suggestions about the intersection at Quail John Rd. and Stevens Rd. The Selectboard agrees that there are concerns with this intersection and will work with the town highway crew to address safety concerns.

Ms. Arnold left the meeting at 6:55 pm.

Alford Stone submitted a permit for Thetford Academy to install a bathroom in the maintenance shop. The permit was signed.

Mr. Stone left the meeting at 7:10 pm.

Ken Smith joined the meeting at 7:12 pm. He had some questions about rates for building permits. The Selectboard gave him a copy of the most recently approved rates.

On behalf of Town of Thetford, the Selectboard extends their condolences to the family of Frank Thurston, Road Commissioner. Paul Raymond recommends that the town flag be lowered in honor of Frank Thurston's life. The flag will be lowered until the memorial service.

At 8:00 pm, the meeting was moved to the Thetford Center Community Building, where the Selectboards of Thetford and Strafford met with representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency, Agency of Natural Resources and VT Emergency Management to address plans and questions about the remediation of the Elizabeth Mines. This was an open meeting with many community members present.

The two-phase project was presented. 1st phase- to install diversion pipe; will proceed this fall with multiple truck trips over a one-week period. 2nd phase- (a larger project) to stabilize tailings dam; scheduled for next summer. This part of the project will proceed only if suitable material can be found near the mine site.

Concerns about the project/truck traffic were raised. They include the truck schedule and safety of school children, routes to be used, condition of the bridge in Strafford, foundations of the old houses located very close to the roads being used and potential damage to roads.

The public meeting ended at 9:50pm.

Motion to adjourn the Thetford Selectboard meeting at 9:50 pm. (Ferguson/McMahon) Unanimous.

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