Thetford Select Board Meeting


October 6, 2003

Present: Mary Spata, Sara Ferguson, Rick Barrows, Mark McMahon

Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: Donna Foster; Police Chief, Phil Call; Acting Foreman- Road Crew, Tim Gibbs

Meeting called to order at 6:45 pm.

The September 29 meeting was canceled due to lack of quorum. The Selectboard noted the informal discussions that took place with Rick Barrows and Mary Spata. They were:

1. Jim Fowle to discuss the Library Road & Academy Rd intersection. The narrowing of the road has caused some problems with entering either road from the other. Mr. Fowle also asked about plans for permanent markers in the future. Selectboard and Road Crew to discuss.

2. Tim Gibbs (Acting Foreman-Road Crew) town road crew news:

Wiring harness on Loader is broken; repairs will be costly and the Loader is in poor condition. Discussion of need for replacement vs. repair will take place with Selectboard. Meanwhile, they will lease one for a month.

Sand screen needs to be replaced at cost of approximately $1000.

There is a need for sand to be delivered. Road Crew is unable, due to workload. Ellis Paige and Mr. Gibbs discussed options for getting sand from various locations. Mr. Gibbs will work on having sand hauled by contractor.

Two applicants for road crew. Mr. Gibbs will schedule interviews with the Selectboard on October 6.

2 driveway permits

o Michael and Rosalie Wilson at 2170 & 2171 Gove Hill Rd. Foreman recommends a culvert for drainage. Selectboard members to sign.

o William Howis at 7 Mac's Way in Post Mills. Selectboard members to sign.

3. Kevin Geiger (Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Planning Commision) reviewed Thetford's application for the VT Municipal Planning Grant Program. Grant would be used for planning of zoning regulations, flood plain regulations, subdivisions regulations, conservations commission and an official map.

Donna Foster came to inquire about assistance with her driveway (on Tucker Hill Rd.) that was damaged during August flooding. Repairs were made at owner's expense and damage has again occurred. Tim Gibbs of Road Crew will look at recent damage.

Phil Call, Police Chief shared police news.

Fax line has been working intermittently since the move.

Schedules- Chief Call is working days with some evening overlap times with Jim Lanctot, full-time officer.

Grants: Block grant money will arrive soon with another one coming in January. Chief Call is hoping to attend an upcoming training on writing grants.

Work done on the brakes of the cruiser and there was a discussion of future scheduled replacement of the cruiser.

Mark McMahon arrived at 7:25pm.

The Selectboard and Mr. Gibbs interviewed two candidates for positions on the road crew. Sara Ferguson and Mark McMahon will check references.

Mr. Gibbs updated Selectboard on the work of the road crew and their preparations for winter. Truck 3 is being serviced and others will be rotated in for service. Lebanon Crushed Stone is delivering sand.


October 6, 2003

The Selectboard and Mr. Gibbs discussed the ideal number of road crew members. Mr. Gibbs would like to see a five-person crew. Discussion of needs during winter storms followed.

Tracy Borst, Town Clerk, joined the meeting at 8:25 pm to inform the Selectboard that there are no outside lights at Town Hall. To be addressed on Tuesday. Ms. Borst left the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Motion to enter executive session with Tim Gibbs at 9:10 pm to discuss personnel. (McMahon/Spata) Unanimous.

Executive session ended at 9:15 pm. (Spata/Ferguson) Unanimous.

Mr. Gibbs left the meeting at 9:20 pm.

Town Treasurer hasn't submitted financial updates since June 30 reports. The Selectboard requests monthly updates.

The Selectboard authorized Town Clerk to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for the Town Hall. The approximate cost for a commercial vac is $445.

Mary Spata will address a bill from the security company regarding the cause of the broken alarm panel and whether it will be used when the new building is complete.

The Recycling Center Lease has been signed. Sara Ferguson updated the Selectboard on a committee meeting that took place last week.

Jim Masland contacted the Selectboard to locate a member for the Solid Waste District Committee. Ben Bradley has been designated.

Rick Barrows expressed disappointment that the residents of Thetford have yet to receive a letter of apology from Paul Raymond for his personal use of town property.

Mr. Barrows updated on the school committee. Tasks have been divided between members to gather information.

Mr. Barrows is continuing to investigate whether any Thetford residents need to be informed of eligibility for a refund of prior year taxes based on a reduction of an appraised value caused by an adjustment by the Listers.

The minutes of September 22 were approved as amended. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.

Motion to enter executive session at 10:20 pm. (Barrows/McMahon) Unanimous.

Marilyn Cook left the meeting at 10:20 pm.

Motion to end executive session at 10:30 p.m. (spata/barrows) unanimous.

Selectboard thanks Town Clerk, Tracy Borst for all her work and cooperation in moving the town offices and contents of the town vaults to their new locations.

Motion to adjourn 10:45 p.m. (Barrows/Ferguson) unanimous.

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