Thetford Select Board Meeting


October 20, 2003

Present: Paul Raymond, Sara Ferguson, Rick Barrows, Mary Spata

Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Agenda items &endash; Tim Gibbs, Acting Foreman- Rd Crew; Scott O'Hearn, Manager- Treasure Island

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm.

Ben Bradley has been appointed as the Thetford Representative to the Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District (GUVWMD). Mary Spata has written letters to Mr. Bradley and GUVWMD confirming his appointment.

Motion to authorize a $15.00 expense from the recycling center budget to purchase a permit for Hartford Town Recycling for use by Frank Bonnett. (Spata/Ferguson) Unanimous.

Anticipated rebate of $955 from Efficiency Vermont for installation of energy efficient lighting in the Town Hall.

Stowell Rd. Bridge will be closed sometime this week until the end of Nov. Notices were placed in the Valley News, at the schools and on Topica.

Tim Gibbs and a candidate for a position on the road crew joined the meeting at 6:55 pm.

The Selectboard interviewed the candidate, and he left the meeting at 7:10 pm.

Mr. Gibbs has obtained an estimate for the repair of the loader ($4,000) and is in the process of getting bids on new loaders from dealers.

Mr. Gibbs reviewed the status of work being done to roads and culverts.

Paving on Sawnee Bean Rd. will take place during the week of 10/27/03. Mr. Gibbs recommends that repair of asphalt on Tucker Hill Rd take place at the same time. Some of the work needed on Tucker Hill Rd is a temporary solution until culverts can be replaced in the spring. Mr. Gibbs will look into the cost of shoulder repair on Tucker Hill Rd and review the budget for possible completion by the paving company.

The Selectboard expressed appreciation for the work of the road crew on the Thetford Hill Common. Granite posts were installed and signs were moved.

The Thetford Hill Improvement Society is planning some work and seeks input from the Selectboard. Selectboard will plan to meet with them.

Mark McMahon joined the meeting at 7:48 pm.

Ellis Paige joined the meeting at 7:50 pm and left at 8 pm, after being updated on the Tucker Hill paving plans.

Motion to approve payment of $15,850 to repair Tucker Hill Rd. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.

Mr. Gibbs will get an estimate for the shoulder work on Tucker Hill Rd.

Mr. Gibbs addressed his work with FEMA. The board agrees that Mr. Gibbs is the contact person with FEMA. Any questions or input to this process will go through Mr. Gibbs.

Mr. Gibbs has found a '92 _ ton pick-up with 113,000 miles.

Motion to purchase a used pick-up for $2,400 and equip it with winter tires and an exhaust system. (McMahon/Ferguson) Unanimous.

Mr. Gibbs left the meeting and Scott O'Hearn joined at 8:30 pm.

Mr. O'Hearn updated the Selectboard on his list of repair priorities at Treasure Island. They are a heating system for the upstairs, appliances, sliding glass door ($550), garage door ($1,250), replacement of seven windows and a tub surround. He will get firm prices for the window installation, purchase price of appliances and conversion to propane, and heating system.

Mr. O'Hearn left the meeting at 8:50 pm.

November 22 is the moving date to return certain offices to the old space.

Paul Raymond submitted a letter of apology to the Thetford Selectboard and All Thetford Voters. It reads:

"I Paul Raymond do here by apologize for violating your trust.

In the future I shall strive to do a better job, to work harder for the

Town of Thetford and to regain your faith in my abilities."

The minutes of 10/13/03 were approved as amended. (Ferguson/Barrows) Unanimous.

The minutes of 8/31/03 were approved as amended. (Ferguson/Barrows) Unanimous.

There have been several occasions when the Selectboard has needed budget and salary information, and it has not been available. It was also noted that the Retirement Plan has not been implemented. The Selectboard will ask the Treasurer to meet with them.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 pm. (Spata/Barrows) Un

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