Thetford Select Board Meeting


November 10, 2003

Present: Mary Spata, Sara Ferguson, Paul Raymond, Mark McMahon (7:05pm)

Marilyn Cook (clerk)

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm.

Paul Raymond updated on progress of the Stowell Rd Bridge replacement. Concrete was to be poured today.

Motion to pay an invoice for $8,000 to Fairbanks Mills, Inc. for work completed to date. (Ferguson/Spata) Unanimous.

Mary Spata updated on the Town Hall Building Project. Lighting in the parking lot is being reviewed. Computer hardware layout and equipment needs are being looked at. Charles Latham, Historical Society, is interested in donating furnishings, Thetford photos and artifacts for the Wallace Vault room.

Mark McMahon arrived at 7:05 pm.

Ellis Paige joined the meeting at 7:09 pm.

Mr. Paige inquired about the plans for Tucker Hill Rd pavement. Pike returns Thursday or Friday to finish paving. Mr. Paige also expressed concern about the fire trucks making a turn onto Academy Rd from Library Rd. Mr. McMahon suggests bringing the fire trucks to location for a trial run. Mr. McMahon and Mr. Paige will make arrangements to meet.

Mr. Paige left the meeting at 7:30 pm.

Recycling Center Options. Sara Ferguson will meet with the recycling committee to talk about options that the Selectboard is considering.

Martha Howard, Treasurer joined the meeting at 7:30 pm.

Motion to enter Executive Session at 7:35 pm to discuss personnel issues. (Spata/Ferguson) Unanimous.

Marilyn Cook left the meeting at 7:35 pm.

Martha Howard left Executive Session at 8:30 pm.

8:30 p.m. Attorney Phil Woodward and VLCT staff joined executive session to discuss litigations in progress.

9:35 motion to end executive session (Spata/Ferguson) unanimous.

Selectboard expressed concern that Mr. Raymond was not honoring unanimously voted board decisions, and matters discussed in executive session were being discussed by Mr. Raymond outside of executive session.

9:45 motion to adjourn (Raymond/Ferguson) unanimous.

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