Thetford Select Board Meeting


November 24, 2003 (draft)

Present: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Sara Ferguson, Mark McMahon, Rick Barrows (6:40 pm),

Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: Nancy Stanley; Budget Committee Members, Mike Brown and Lynne Miller (7:10pm); Tofer Sharp; Mike McCabe

The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm.

The Selectboard thanks everyone who assisted with the moving of equipment and furniture last Saturday, as well as all of those who helped with the building project over the past several years, including Town Hall staff, Road Crew, Energy Committee, Historic Preservation Committee and Historical Society. We are also very appreciative of the generous donations of beautiful tables from Pompanoosuc Mills and Copeland Furniture. They also thank Susan and Bill Thrane for the flowers they gave to the Town Hall to celebrate the completion of the project, Cy Severance for the meeting room clock and Mary Spata for the Research Area lamps.

Nancy Stanley, a member of the recycling committee, presented her recommendation to close the recycling center, as she feels there it is a duplication of services available at the Hartford Recyling Center. She would like an article to present to voters at Town Meeting. Ms. Stanley was advised to get a petition with signatures of the required five percent of the voter checklist. Ms. Stanley left the meeting at 7 pm.

The Selectboard and Budget Committee began work on the FY '04 budget proposals. Budgets reviewed this evening were Health Officer, Animal Control, and Milfoil Control.

Tofer Sharp joined the meeting at 7:15 pm and presented a summary of the year's fundraising and milfoil control efforts. The group has raised money through grants of $66,000, private donations of almost $66,000 and contributions from local towns of $8,500. Their costs for this year are $140,000 - $150,000 including volunteer efforts. This year they received a permit and have installed bottom barriers on one and one-half acres of the lake and will continue next year. The group continues to do research on safe and effective methods to control the milfoil. Mr. Sharp requests the town's contribution continue at the same amount. The Selectboard agreed to continue spending at the current level

Mike McCabe of Thetford Youth Sports (TYS) joined the meeting at 7:40 pm to discuss budget requests for TYS. The amount of money given to TYS is included in the Recreation Budget. Mr. McCabe will talk with Scott and Ann O'Hearn, who oversee the recreation budget.

Mr. McCabe and Mike Brown left the meeting at 8 pm.

Recycling Center Committee- The next meeting is Tuesday, December 2 at 7pm at the Town Hall.

Lynne Miller left the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Selectboard reviewed report from Scott Sablin for client server network at town hall, which can be implemented in stages. They will also consult with other computer specialists.

The minutes of 11/17/03 were approved as amended. (Ferguson/McMahon). 4 in favor; Paul Raymond abstained, as he was absent at that meeting.

Motion to enter Executive Session at 9 pm to discuss personnel. (McMahon/Ferguson) Unanimous.

Marilyn Cook left the meeting.

Motion to end executive session at 10:03 pm (Ferguson/Raymond) unanimous.

Motion to adjourn at 10:05 p.m. (Raymond/Ferguson) unanimous.

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