Thetford Select Board Meeting


December 1, 2003

PRESENT: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows, Sara Ferguson, Mark McMahon (arrived 7:30 pm)

AGENDA: Police Department, Recycling, Highway Department, 100 Acres, Warrants, Treasure Island

Guests: Phil Call, Police Chief; Budget Committee (Mike Brown, Lynne Miller), Frank Bonnet &endash; recycling coordinator, Ken Robinson, Bill Bridge &endash; UV Land Trust

Called to order at 6:40

Police Department: Chief Phil Call in to discuss recent activities of our police department. We reviewed staffing and schedules, equipment and budgets. The Chief is working on finalizing administrative records for year-end, and has not been doing as much patrolling as he otherwise might have been. The difficulties in radio reception remain, and are made worse by the relocation of State Police dispatch to the location in Derby. The Chief will explore various options including repeaters, an antenna at Town Hall and more powerful radios to ensure that his department can communicate with the State from all areas of Town.

7:15 &endash; resident Ken Robinson in to observe, and warm up. Budget Committee members Mike Brown and Lynne Miller joined the meeting. Frank Bonnet, Recycling coordinator joined the meeting.

7:30 Mark McMahon joined the meeting

Recycling: We reviewed year-to-date figures. Mr. Bonnet agreed to review specific charges for bin pick up and monitor these totals through the year (the accounting report includes only totals for all pick-ups, not broken down by item). Mr. Bonnet will look into a small heater for the workspace during the winter months. It appears that we sell several hundred tickets each week, but the Town's mark up is not sufficient to pay the staffer who sells the tickets.

Moved (Barrows, Ferguson) to increase the price of trash tickets to $3.00 (from $2.85), effective January 3. Motion carried unanimously. Mr. Bonnet left the meeting. Mr. Robinson left the meeting.

Highway Budget: The Selectboard was pleased to have received updated numbers regarding expenses for the Highway Department from the Town Treasurer. The Board reviewed line items, noting that we expect increases in Health Insurance, there is a need to upgrade the prehistoric computer serving the Highway Department, there will be some expense for new, more-difficult-to-vandalize street signs, and there is a proposal to replace our $200 per person clothing allowance with a uniform service, at a projected cost of $10 per person per week.

The Board noted that year to date repairs for the Highway Department are in excess of $51,000, this on a budget of $30,000. Each of the large dump trucks was thoroughly reviewed and any needed maintenance done in a recent winter check-up. The Board is hopeful that from now on, with proper record-keeping and maintenance we should not continue to see excessive repair bills.

9:15 Budget Committee left the meeting.

100 Acres 9:15 Bill Bridge, UV Land Trust in to review the status of the 100 acre parcel that abuts the old landfill in Post Mills. A partial survey of the property was recently completed and Mr. Bridge and Mr. McMahon reviewed the information. This survey was required before the State will continue with its transfer of the land to the Town.

Warrant: The Board received Highway Warrant #48.2 in the amount of $8,871.10. Moved (Barrows, Raymond) to pay this warrant, passed unanimously. Mr. McMahon will speak to Road Foreman Tim Gibbs regarding some of the costs associated with our recent lease of a loader.

The Board approved several miscellaneous expenses from the Treasurer in advance of next week's warrant to authorize payment of deposits on scheduled work. Moved (Barrows/McMahon) to approve, unanimous.

Treasure Island The Board reviewed several proposals for work on the residence at Treasure Island, including window replacement and the installation of a hot-water heating system on the main floor (to replace the existing electric heat).

Other Business: Mr. Barrows reported that a gate had been placed at the entrance to what is apparently a Class Four road on Mud Pond Road that accesses the camping area used by the Girl Scouts. Such a gate requires the approval of the Selectboard, and also should be brought to the attention of our emergency services, in order to maintain access to all parts of towns, should the need arise.

The Board discussed various options for producing this year's Town Report.

Moved (Barrows, Raymond) to adjourn at 10:35. Passed unanimously.

Minutes prepared by Rick Barrows.

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