Thetford Select Board Meeting


December 15, 2003

Present: Paul Raymond, Mary Spata, Rick Barrows

Meeting called to order at 6:55 p.m.

Selectboard regretfully accepts the resignation of Sara Ferguson whose term expires March 2004. Selectboard is seeking applicants to appoint an individual to complete her term. Notices will be placed in town and Valley News.

Selectboard thanks Friends of Town Hall for the beautiful teak bench to be placed outside the new entry to Town Hall.

Town departments request quarterly budget reports from Treasurer as they do not have adequate information to prepare budgets.

Scott and Ann O'Hearn, Treasure Island Managers and Mike Brown from Budget Committee join meeting for 2004 budget hearings.

Treasure Island swim lessons well attended last season, numbers of registrants continues to grown. Lifeguard training increased number of lifeguards available at TI, will continue to offer junior lifeguarad training and swim assistant certification as preparation for lifeguarding.Will continue Community Work Day program as part of Green Up Day and Operation Day's Work through Thetford Academy to help prepare TI for season. Expanded Peabody Library reading program and craft program at TI this past summer. Budget request is comparable to last year with funds identified for deferred maintenance of TI and residence. O'Hearns left meeting.

David Goodrich, Thetford Emergency Manager joined meeting to present Emergency Management budget proposal for $1500. He is working with Two Rivers Ottaquechee Planning Commission on pre-disaster mitigation and grant proposals for town-wide inventory of potential disasters. Mr. Goodrich left meeting. Thetford Fire Department serves as town command center. An emergency generator hook-up has been established at Town Hall for use as needed.

Selectboard will ask Mr. McMahon to reschedule budget hearings for those cancelled tonight and on December 22.

Motion to approve minutes of December 1, 2003 (Spata/Raymond) unanimous.

Ms. Spata reported that she had received inquiries about whether interior illuminated signs in town meet Zoning guidelines. Selectboard requested that Ms. Spata submit letter requesting review by Planning/Zoning Board.

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 pm (Barrows/Raymond).

Respectfully submitted by Mary Spata

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