Thetford Select Board Meeting


January 12, 2004

Present: Paul Raymond, Mary Spata, Rick Barrows, Mark McMahon, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: Mike Brown and Lynne Miller, Budget Committee; Nancy Stanley, Recycling Committee;

Tim Gibbs, Road Foreman

The meeting was called to order at 6:38 pm.

Treasure Island property had frozen septic and is being addressed.

The Town Hall had some frozen pipes caused by insulation being incomplete in basement; it is scheduled to be finished January 19. Hay bales have been brought in to prevent another problem.

Tim Gibbs updated on road crew:

Motion to approve a request by Brian and Doreen Kasten for driveway permit on Pero Hill Rd. (McMahon/Barrows) Unanimous.

The rear end of the #2 truck is being rebuilt this week; town is renting a truck from the State until it is repaired.

There is a discrepancy in billing for the lease of a loader while awaiting delivery of a new purchase. The Selectboard and Mr. Gibbs had understood that the total cost of lease would be $2,000. The company has since charged the town $2,000 per month. Mr. Gibbs will address.

On behalf of the road crew, who worked long hours over the Christmas and New Year's holiday weeks, Mr. Gibbs requests that the Selectboard review the policy on holiday and overtime pay. He would like the Selectboard to consider including the 8 hours of unworked holiday hours of Christmas Day and New Year's Day as part of a 40-hour week in calculating overtime pay. The Selectboard appreciates the long hours that the crew worked and will consider this request.

Bill Houts joined the meeting at 6:55 pm. He was introduced to the Selectboard as the new part-time road crew employee.

Mr. Houts and Mr. Gibbs left the meeting at 7:20 pm.

Members of the Thetford Volunteer Fire Department, Don Fifield and Penny Sirjane joined the meeting at 7:25 pm to review the proposed 2004 budget. They reviewed the vehicle replacement planner and recommend annual funding for vehicle replacements of at least $40,000. The board will take request under consideration. Mr. Fifield will add an accounts payable line to the budget proposal, reflecting any unpaid expenses of the past year. Mr. Fifield will forward to Rick Barrows by 1/19.

Mr. Fifield and Ms. Sirjane left the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Nancy Stanley, Recycling Committee, requested information regarding the purchase of the French property. Details of purchase include the need for subdivision and survey of the property. They also discussed the work of the Recycling Committee.

Ms. Stanley left the meeting at 8:15pm.

The Selectboard continued discussions of the 2004 budget proposals. They are considering a policy change that would require board approval of expenditures over a certain amount of money.

Tracy Borst, Town Clerk joined the meeting at 8:17 pm to continue review of Town Clerk and Town Office budgets. Ms. Borst also announced that she would not run for re-election as the Town Clerk.

Joe Tofel, Town Moderator joined the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Ms. Borst left the meeting at 8:45 pm.

The Selectboard reviewed possible articles for warning at Town Meeting with Mr. Tofel. Mr. Tofel will return next week to finalize articles. He left the meeting at 9:10 pm.

Restoration of records- The Selectboard plans to microfilm records (approximately $2,000) and complete 1/3 of the proposal for restoration of the books in the upcoming year. This will be reflected in the proposed budget.

Marilyn Cook left the meeting at 10:50 pm.

Lynne Miller and Mike Brown left the meeting at 12 am.

Motion to appoint Mike Brown to vacant Selectboard position (Barrows/Raymond) Unanimous. Selectboard will encourage other candidates to run for other vacancies and express appreciation for their interest.

Motion to approve check warrant #51.13 dated 12/31/03 for $3,685.23 (McMahon/Barrows) unanimous.

Motion to approve check warrant #52.23 dated 12/31/03 for $5,808.19 (McMahon/Barrows) unanimous.

Motion to adjourn at 12:45 am. (Spata/Raymond) unanimous.

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