Thetford Select Board Meeting


February 2, 2004

Present: Mark McMahon, Mike Brown, Paul Raymond, Mary Spata, Rick Barrows, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: Janet Stowell, Lister and Steve Ingalls

Meeting called to order at 6:31 pm.

Janet Stowell at meeting to obtain signatures on Form #4155.

Motion to approve Certificate of No Appeal or Suit Pending, form #4155. (Spata/Raymond) Unanimous.

Ms. Stowell left the meeting at 6:35 pm.

Police Chief, Phil Call joined the meeting at 6:35 pm. Chief Call submitted his letter of resignation.

Motion to enter Executive Session at 6:40 pm with Chief Call to discuss personnel matters. (Barrows/Spata) Unanimous.

Steve Ingalls and Marilyn Cook left the meeting at 6:40 pm.

Motion to end executive session at 7:15 pm. (Spata/McMahon) Unanimous.

Mr. Ingalls and Ms. Cook returned to the meeting at 7:15 pm.

Reviewed and revised final drafts of various reports to be included in the Annual Report.

Jessica Londa, representing the Thetford Hill Village Improvement Society (THVIS), joined the meeting at 7:40 pm.

As part of the Celebration of the Centennial of its incorporation, THVIS is exploring two ideas for improvements on Thetford Hill, new streetlights and a path between the library and Thetford Academy. THVIS is interested in keeping the Selectboard informed and obtaining its support. They have done extensive research on options for streetlights. They have also discovered that the town pays for some of the lighting, so they would need the Selectboard to be part of any decision that would have financial impact, such as increased use of electricity. They have not yet researched the idea of the path; areas to look into are installation costs & maintenance of the path and obtaining support of impacted homeowners. The Selectboard expressed support of THVIS's efforts to continue research in both areas and thanked Ms. Londa for coming to the meeting. The Selectboard requests that THVIS contact Thetford Energy Committee.

The Selectboard members act as liaisons to various town departments and committees. Mike Brown is interested in being the liaison to the Recycling Center Committee.

Motion to approve minutes of January 26, 2004 (Spata/Brown) Motion passed with four in favor. Mark McMahon abstained, as he was not at the meeting.

Motion to approve minutes of January 27, 2004 as amended. (Spata/Barrows) Motion passed with four in favor. Paul Raymond abstained, as he was not at the meeting.

Motion to enter Executive Session at 8:40 pm to discuss personnel related matters. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.

Ms. Cook and Mr. Ingalls left the meeting at 8:40 pm.

Motion to end Executive Session at 9:15 (Spata/Barrows) unanimous.

Discussions with the Secretary of State and Vermont League of Cities and Towns revealed that the Selectboard determines at what level to fund elected officials and that some towns only nominally fund Treasurer's position and hire a bookkeeper.

Motion to send a letter addressing areas of concern to Treasurer, Martha Howard

(McMahon/Barrows) 4 in favor, Mr. Raymond abstained.

Motion to adjourn at 9:30 p.m. (Barrows/Spata) unanimous

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