Thetford Select Board Meeting


March 15, 2004

Present: Paul Raymond, Mary Spata, Mike Brown, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: Tim Gibbs-Road Foreman, Steve Ingalls

Agenda: Road Foreman update; Charlie Buttrey-Emergency Shelter Designation; Motion of non confidentiality agreement; electronic correspondence policy; Jane Cramer; Amend Personnel policies- retirement for 24+ hrs, holidays, earned time; pay raises

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

Tim Gibbs provided a summary of road crew work and updated on road conditions. Roads are posted with coordination with truck drivers to remove equipment on cold mornings. Truck 3 had a rocker arm repaired. Steve Ingalls expressed appreciation of potholes repaired on Tucker Hill Rd.

Rick Barrows arrived at 6:40 pm. Allison Rogers, Reporter for Connecticut Valley Spectator arrived at 6:42 pm.

Mr. Gibbs and Mike Brown will attend a workshop by Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT), called 'Managing a Local Road System' on March 18.

Driveway permits for Lot 10 Macs Way in Post Mills and 567 Sawnee Bean Rd. were signed.

Upon request by Mr. Gibbs, there was a motion to enter Executive Session with Tim Gibbs at 6:52 pm to discuss highway department personnel matters. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.

Motion to end Executive Session at 7:05 pm (Spata/Raymond) Unanimous.

No action taken.

Mr. Gibbs left the meeting at 7:05 pm. Charlie Buttrey joined the meeting at 7:07 pm.

Charlie Buttrey in to discuss the possible designation of Thetford Elementary School as Thetford's Emergency Shelter. If the town chose to do this, a generator would be required. Mr. Buttrey will speak with David Goodrich, Emergency Management Coordinator.

The School Board will be discussing the Secondary School Options Committee at a future School Board meeting.

Mr. Buttrey left the meeting at 7:15 pm.

Mr. Ingalls announced that Jane Cramer would not be attending the meeting since she was not reappointed as the Assistant Town Clerk. The Selectboard had hoped that she would come to the meeting.

Jill Graff, Town Treasurer joined the meeting at 7:15 pm to discuss her work/training with the NEMRC representative and to submit warrants and budget status reports. Ms. Graff is looking forward to increased utilization of the NEMRC software to aid in the Treasurer's work. Payroll will now be submitted as a Warrant.

Pay raises are effective 30 days after Town Meeting and will be paid retroactive to the date of Town Meeting.

Move to approve Check Warrant (General Fund) dated March 15, 2004 in the amount of $5,505.30. (Barrows/Spata) Unanimous.

Holidays- some town employees chose to work on the holiday and submitted for holiday and overtime pay. This appears to have been the practice in the past. However, as defined in the Personnel Policy, holidays are to be considered a non-monetary benefit. Clarification of the personnel policies will address the issues of eligibility and requirement/option to work.


March 15, 2004

Motion to approve Check Warrant (Payroll) dated March 15, 2004, in the amount of $7,839.50. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.

Ms. Graff left the meeting at 7:50 pm.

Tracy Borst, Town Clerk joined the meeting at 7:52 pm.

Ms. Borst decided not to reappoint Jane Cramer as Assistant Town Clerk. There was discussion about the open positions of Assistant Town Clerk, Assistant Treasurer and Assistant to Zoning. Mary Spata recommends reevaluation of hours needed rather than hire for hours budgeted. Department heads might consider placing a shared ad in the paper.

Ellis Paige joined the meeting at 7:53 pm.

Ms. Borst verified the $500.00 Town Scholarship to Thetford Academy.

Mark McMahon joined the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Ms. Borst left the meeting at 8:03 pm.

Mr. Paige submitted a letter of concern about the missing sign for Whippoorwill Road. The Board will bring this to the attention of Mr. Gibbs.

Mr. Paige left the meeting at 8:05 pm.

Motion to proceed with the proposed settlement with Sullivan without a confidentiality clause. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.

Electronic Correspondence Policy- VLCT will issue a recommendation on this topic in the spring. Electronic Correspondence Policy was referred to Mike Brown to gather more information. A plan for maintaining draft minutes will be included in this policy.

Personnel Policy Amendments-

NEMRC Representative recommends clarification of 18-month cap of earned time. Is it a cap for amount accrued or a cap for cashing out? He also recommends changes to the earned leave time section. Mr. Brown will gather information from other companies/towns.

Retirement Plan- Selectboard needs to research the Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement System plan to find out if Town of Thetford has signed a contract. If not could Thetford choose a different retirement plan?

Appointment to Town Officer Positions:

Move to reappoint Ellen Blumberg, Bill Halsey, Chris Hebb, Paul Gerke, Mike Pepe, Heinz Trebitz and Bob Walker to the Energy Committee. (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.

Move to reappoint Scott and Ann O'Hearn to the Recreation Committee. (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.

Move to reappoint David Goodrich as the Emergency Management Coordinator. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.

Move to appoint Gary Ulman as the Surveyor of Wood & Lumber and as the Weigher of Coal. (Brown/Raymond) Unanimous.

Move to reappoint Marion Fifield as Town Historian. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.


March 15, 2004

Move to reappoint Ellis Paige, Jeff Sirjane and Don Fifield, Jr. as Fire Wardens. (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.

Move to reappoint Stephen Branchflower, James Fowle, John Hall Rodney Hoffman and Todd Moses to the Historic Preservation Committee. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.

Move to reappoint Jennifer Davey, Richard Haugen, Ted Levin, Robert Pulaski, William Shepard, Scott Stokoe, and Fred Thomas to the Conservation Committee (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.

Motion to adopt the minutes of February 23, 2004 as written. (Spata/Brown) 3 in favor. 2 abstentions due to absence from that meeting.

Motion to approve the minutes of March 8, 2004 as amended. (Brown/Barrows) 3 in favor. 2 abstentions due to absence from that meeting.

It was noted that West Fairlee's Food Shelf did not come to Thetford.

The survey of the French Property is completed specifying the area of the Recycling Center. The title search will be completed by Friday.

The Attorney General's Office has the transfer papers for the 104-acre property in Post Mills.

The Recycling Committee will meet on April 6 at the Town Hall. The time is yet to be determined.

The Police Search Committee (9 members) will meet at 7pm on March 18 at the Town Hall. Issues to be discussed include salary/advertising, the scope and responsibility of the committee and possible re-evaluation of the Police Chief's role in the community and the scope of the job. Ms. Spata and Mr. Brown will attend the first meeting.

Town Lighting Fixtures- The Energy Committee will meet with CVPS and the Public Service Board on March 31 at 5 pm in the Town Hall. Mike Brown will attend as the Selectboard representative.

Town Road Acceptance Policy will be a future agenda item.

In an effort to focus on more long-range planning tasks, the Selectboard is considering keeping an allotted time on the agenda for that purpose. Mr. McMahon has spoken with Ms. Borst, who will provide assistance with managing the agenda.

Items for 3/22 agenda- Flags on Rte 113, Police Search Committee update, Meet with Officer Lanctot.

The Selectboard thanks Dan Russell for his volunteer effort to repair the plaster of the Wallace Vault.

Nomination of Mark McMahon to Chair the Selectboard. (Barrows/Spata) Unanimous.

The Chair signed excess weight permits for Stacey Thomson and Northwoods Excavating, Inc.

Allison Rogers will not be available to attend the Thetford Selectboard meetings. She requested that the draft minutes be made available to the Connecticut Valley Spectator. At this time, the Selectboard requests the Spectator contact the Town Clerk each week to get a copy of the minutes. Although the Selectboard is interested in information being available to the public, it is concerned that errors in draft minutes could be published.

Motion to adjourn at 9:53 pm. (Spata/Raymond) Unanimous.

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