Thetford Select Board Meeting


March 22, 2004

PRESENT: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows, Mike Brown, Mark McMahon

GUESTS: Officer Jim Lanctot, Dave Turner

AGENDA: Highway culverts, Police Department, Animal Control Officer, Police Chief Search Committee Update, Flags on Route 113, Review Personnel Policy, Review Town Appointments and Ongoing Business, Warrants, Minutes

Called to order at 6:40 pm.

Resident Dave Turner in to discuss frozen culverts on Sawnee Bean Road. Mark McMahon to meet with Tim Gibbs, Road Commissioner on Tuesday to see about addressing the issue. Mr. Turner left the meeting at 7:00 pm.

Police Department: Officer-In-Charge Jim Lanctot arrived to update us on the activities of the Police Department. Officer Lanctot is planning a bike safety rodeo to be held jointly with the Norwich Police Department. He is also pursuing various grant opportunities, including partial funding for protective vests, video for the cruiser, and other equipment. The Town's emergency services qualify for Homeland Security grants due to the presence of the Union Village Dam in the Town. Officer Lanctot will need to have some of the portable radios re-programmed. He is pursuing staffing for additional shift coverage. Officer Lanctot has regular contact with Chief Soares from Norwich, and Lt. Goodell of the Vt. State Police.

Mark McMahon suggested Officer Lanctot seek a cooperative effort with neighboring town police departments to help identify the vandals responsible for removing street signs in the area.

Officer Lanctot left the meeting at 7:30 pm.

Treasurer Jill Graff joined the meeting at 7:30 pm.

Treasurer: The Board discussed the scheduling of payroll. The Selectboard will review time sheets on Monday evenings. Ms. Graff is working on catching up on postings. Ms. Graff left the meeting at 7:50.

Sharon Harkay joined the meeting at 7:50 to discuss the position of Animal Control Officer. Another resident, Jay Whitecloud is also interested in the position, and both candidates are willing to share the duties. Ms. Harkay left the meeting at 8:10.

Motion to appoint Sharon Harkay and Jay Whitecloud as Animal Control Officers. (Barrows/Spata) Unanimous.

Police Chief Search Committee: The group had its first meeting last week, and selected Mariah Capurso as Chair. The committee discussed the job description and advertising options.

Town Clerk Tracy Borst joined the meeting at 8:15. Ms. Borst reported on some new issues involving keys and locks in the new building.

The Selectboard signed applications for liquor licenses for Wings Market, the Village Store, Bakers Store, and Huggett's Mart.

During the week the following overweight permits were issued: Larry Godfrey, Carroll Concrete, Mountainview Excavation, L&M Service Contractors, Towle Excavating.

At the meeting the following overweight permits were signed: Langford Trucking, Feed Commodities, WD Fearon LLC.

Ms. Borst discussed hiring an assistant. Ms. Borst has circulated a draft of the minutes of Town Meeting, which the Board will review at a later meeting.

Ms. Borst left the meeting at 9:00 pm.


March 22, 2004

Thetford Center Common: The Town has received funding of $2,500 to design a park for the Thetford Center Common on land donated to the Town by Mr. Hughes. Many thanks to the citizen's committee who initiated the project.

Police Chief Search Committee &endash; the Board returned to this subject to discuss compensation for the position of Police Chief. The Board discussed the idea of a range of salary, and discussed other benefits (medical and dental, retirement, leave time) and incentives (small town setting, community-oriented policing) that help make the job attractive.

Flags on Route 113. Some months ago there was a proposal from the Thetford Center Community Association regarding placing American flags on utility poles in Thetford Center on special occasion. It was moved (Barrows/Brown) to allow the TCCA to display flags on the following days: Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day. The Board will forward the necessary paperwork to CVPS for their approval. Passed unanimously.

Town Appointments: Moved (Barrows/Spata) to reappoint the Planning Commission as it stands: Sean Mullen, Bob Pulaski, Dennis Donahue, Richard Haugen, Dennis Marquise, Ken Robinson, and Tim Taylor. Unanimous.

Moved (Barrows, Brown) to reappoint Elmer Brown as Tree Warden. Unanimous.

Moved (Barrows, Spata) to appoint Sharon Harkay and Jay Whitecloud as Animal Control Officers. Moved (Barrows, Spata) to appoint Royce Bond as Fence Viewer.

There are still open appointments &endash; the Town needs two Fence Viewers and several Budget Committee members.

Warrants &endash; Moved (Spata, Barrows) to approve Warrant 10.2 for the highway in the amount of $28,494.46 (with the deletion of $17,602.34 to Pike Industries, pending discussion of work and billing). Passed unanimously.

Moved (Raymond, Barrows) to approve Warrant 10.1 for the Town in the amount of $6,058.29. Unanimous. Moved (Raymond, Barrows) to approve Warrant 10.3 Special Revenues in the amount of $698.29. Unanimous.

Town Hall Computers. The Board will solicit proposals from several consultants regarding upgrading Town Hall computers.

Minutes of 3/15 were reviewed. Motion (Spata, Brown) to accept minutes as amended. Unanimous.

The Board received a letter from a resident concerning activities of the highway department. The Board will discuss these issues with Road Foreman Tim Gibbs at next week's meeting.

Next agenda items:

Tim Gibbs

Guest Jane Cramer

Personnel Policy

Continued Business

Moved (Spata, Raymond) to adjourn at 10:00 pm. Passed unanimously.

Minutes prepared by Rick Barrows.

Last Modified 4/2004 by Bill Weyrick