Thetford Select Board Meeting


April 5, 2004

PRESENT: Mark McMahon, Mary Spata, Mike Brown, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows (6:38 pm)

Marilyn Cook (clerk)

GUESTS: Officer Jim Lanctot, Steve Ingalls

Meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm.

Police Department:

Officer Lanctot is working on the Governor's Safety Grant and a Bicycle Safety Day

Discussed police coverage in Thetford and the possibility of contracting with the State or other agencies.

Officer Lanctot has regular telephone or in-person contact with Chief Soares.

The Selectboard addressed the increased responsibilities that Officer Lanctot has assumed in his role as Officer in Charge and will look at his rate of pay.

Bulletproof vest has been ordered.

Radios have been programmed and Officer Lanctot has been trained to use them.

Jill Graff, Treasurer, joined the meeting at 6:50 pm.

O. Lanctot left the meeting at 6:55 pm.

Congratulations to the O'Hearns of Treasure Island on the birth of Dylan, the first baby born at Treasure Island.

Ms. Graff submitted Check Warrant Reports. She submitted an accounting proposal from NEMRC. Selectboard will review and consider priorities with Ms. Graff.

Steve Ingalls left the meeting at 7:00 pm and returned at 7:08 pm.

Ms. Graff left the meeting at 7:07 pm.

Following a discussion about O. Lanctot's rate of pay and job duties, a Motion was made to offer Jim Lanctot a raise in pay to $15.00 an hour, retroactive to April 1, 2004, as long as he remains Officer In Charge. (Barrows/Brown) Unanimous.

Penny Sirjane, member of the Police Search Committee, joined the meeting at 7:20 pm. There was a discussion about salary range, qualifications and the possibility of changing the position to something other than Police Chief. At this time the Selectboard and committee agree that the goal is to find a qualified candidate to fill the position. There was also a discussion of the 1998 COPS Grant that ended in 2002. Since the position remained in effect for a full budget year beyond the end date, the town has met its obligation. There is a pending bill in the legislature that would allow intermunicipality of routine policing agreements. The committee will move forward with its search.

Penny Sirjane and Steve Ingalls left the meeting at 7:55 pm.

The Chair signed excess weight permits for Conn. Valley Trucking, Duane Ash, Limlaws Pulpwood and Fornwalt Excavation.

The Selectboard approved a Petition and Pole License from Verizon/CVPS for placement of two new utility poles on Cadwell Rd.


April 5, 2004

Rick Barrows is negotiating the purchase of Dell Computers for the town offices. Two informative meetings with computer consultants have occurred.

The Electronic Correspondence Policy was partially addressed and reads: Pursuant to Title I 316 (a) & (b), correspondence between three or more Selectboard members is public record, with the exception referred to in Title I 317 (b) 1-22. The initiating Selectboard member will provide a copy to the Town Clerk, who will maintain the record.

Motion to approve the minutes of March 29, 2004, as amended. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.

Move to accept Check Warrant Report #11.1 (General Fund) in the amount of $26,654.42. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.

Move to accept Check Warrant Report #11.2 (General Fund) in the amount of $3,834.05. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.

Move to accept Check Warrant Report #11.3 (Special Revenues) in the amount of $12,637.69. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.

Employee Issue- An employee missed a meeting with the Selectboard. Mark McMahon will make telephone call to ensure the employee knew about the meeting, before further action is taken.

Agenda Items for next meeting- Personnel Policy, Tim Gibbs- Rd Foreman

Motion to adjourn at 8:36 pm. (Raymond/Spata) Unanimous.

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