Thetford Select Board Meeting


April 19, 2004

PRESENT: Mary Spata, Mike Brown, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows (6:45pm), Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm.

Paul Raymond will look into the need to change E-911 numbers when driveways are relocated.

Jennifer Davey and David Fisk of the Conservation Commission joined the meeting at 6:45 pm for an update on the status of the transfer of 100 acres in Post Mills. Ms. Davey has received phone calls from the State and others with inquiries about the cost of easement and stewardship and who will pay these costs. On March 6, 2004 the paperwork was turned over to the Attorney General's office- still awaiting signatures. Mary Spata's recollection was that the town would pay the costs. When Mark McMahon arrived, he recalled Upper Valley Land Trust's agreement to pay costs. Ms. Spata will research past minutes and call Ms. Davey with the information.

Ms. Davey and Mr. Fisk left the meeting at 6:56 pm.

Green up day is May 1. Bags will be available in the town hall and on Sat morning with Karin Bonnett, who sells trash tickets. April 24 is Big Trash Day. Volunteers have been arranged.

Jessica Eaton arrived at 7:00 pm to inquire about grading of Thetford Roads, especially bus routes. Selectboard updated her on the status of roads and road crew personnel. She was encouraged to call Tim Gibbs, Foreman. Ms. Eaton left at 7:05 pm.

Tracy Borst, Town Clerk and Jill Graff, Treasurer joined the meeting at 7:03 pm.

Food Shelf Status- Food bank order arrived recently and one of the first grade classes brought food in.

Personnel Policy- Ms. Spata made the changes from the last meeting. The Selectboard co