Thetford Select Board Meeting


May 24, 2004

PRESENT: Mark McMahon, Mike Brown, Mary Spata, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

GUESTS: Tim Gibbs, Road Foreman

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm.

Tim Gibbs reported on road crew business:

" A tree located on Colby Rd. South needs to be cut, but is close to the powerline. Mr. Gibbs will contact resident Ben Bemis, a supervisor at CVPS. A utility pole in front of the town garage has a damaged slip joint. The town needs to purchase a new one and Mr. Bemis will install it.

" Mr. Gibbs prepared a bill from the town garage for the removal of trash on a property on Picknell Rd. Mark McMahon will submit to property management company.

" Mr. Gibbs updated selectboard on town equipment and vehicles. He recommends replacement of the truck bed and installation of a sanding unit on truck #2. The road crew is repairing truck #3.

" Mr. Gibbs completed six-month evaluations on two road crew employees. The selectboard commended his effort to complete them in a timely manner.

Rick Barrows joined the meeting at 6:50 pm.

" Road signs have been mailed and are expected to arrive this week. Other signage needs were discussed including "No Parking" signs for Academy Rd.

Loretta Gray joined the meeting at 6:55 pm for the recreation meeting.

" Mr. Gibbs submitted his letter of resignation, due to a job offer close to his home. The selectboard thanked Mr. Gibbs for his work as foreman, and in bringing a sense of professionalism and a positive attitude to the position. Selectboard expressed appreciation for the improvements that have occurred during his employment.

Mr. Gibbs left the meeting at 7:10 pm, and John and Terry Halpin joined.

The Patriots-Spaniel Club is interested in bringing an annual field trial competition to Vt. in September 2004. The Halpins inquired about the possibility of using the 100-acre parcel in Post Mills for the competition. Transfer of the property from the State to the Town of Thetford takes place on Thursday May 27. There are limitations of use set by the state. As well, the selectboard is interested in gathering various local groups to establish guidelines for use. Selectboard will seek the reaction and feedback from the Conservation Commission. The Halpins left the meeting at 7:30 pm.

A resident joined the meeting to address a letter regarding excessive unregistered vehicles on his property. Because it is his second offense, a seven-day response is required. He agrees to be in compliance in one week and asks the selectboard to stop by his residence if a future complaint is received.

The resident left the meeting at 7:35 pm.

Mike McCabe, Hayes Dunlap, Soren Anderson, Michou Hyman, Ian Anderson, Ted Pogacar, Dana Brittell, Joel Teenyanoff, Jessica Londa, and Scott O'Hearn joined the meeting at 7:35 pm to discuss recreational needs/interests in Thetford. (Representatives from Thetford Youth Sports (TYS), Treasure Island and school-related groups were present.)

Currently there is a $3,100 recreation budget, $2,000 of which goes to TYS. Discussion included the possible need for a town recreation department, with funding for a part-time director, to meet the recreational needs of Thetford. Ideas include organizing summer camps, the ski program, administering the women's softball league, tennis and use of the elementary school's gym. Development of recreational facilities on the Taylor property in Post Mills might include baseball fields, tennis courts, nature trails or a skateboarding park.

There is a need for recreation for youth who are not involved in organized sports programs. Recreation must be accessible for after-school use (walking distance from school).

Specific requests were also made:

" A skateboarding park (liability concerns at Thetford Academy and Thetford Elementary School)

" A women's softball team requests financial assistance

" Hartford Legion Baseball requests financial assistance to support Thetford youth (The Legion is unable to accept money from individual players).

Interested folks scheduled a meeting on Monday July 12 at 7 pm at Treasure Island to continue this discussion and develop a draft job description for a recreation director. Mr. McCabe will collect job descriptions from nearby towns.

Mike McCabe, Hayes Dunlap, Soren Anderson, Michou Hyman, Ian Anderson, Ted Pogacar, Dana Brittell, Joel Teenyanoff, Loretta Gray, and Scott O'Hearn left the meeting at 8:45 pm.

Bob Walker and Bill Halsey, Thetford Energy Committee, joined the meeting at 8:10 pm. Lynne Miller joined the meeting at 8:45 pm.

Ms. Miller distributed a draft of the June/July newsletter. She left the meeting at 8:50 pm.

The Thetford Energy Committee recently surveyed street lighting in Thetford. The town pays for 36 lights and Thetford Hill Village Improvement Society (THVIS) pays for eight. Additional lights are paid for by private businesses or individuals. In an effort to cut costs and energy use, as well as cut down on light pollution, the committee recommends significantly reducing the number of town-funded streetlights. Mr. Walker will contact CVPS to inquire about conducting trial periods to have specified lights turned off. This would allow selectboard members and residents to give input into decisions about the lights.

The committee is interested in providing information to new home/land owners about the Energy Star Homes Program in VT that offers financial and technical assistance to homebuilders. This information could be provided along with other town-related information that would be helpful to new residents. The Thetford Trust group is interested in providing a welcome packet to new residents and this information could be part of that packet. The Energy Committee will draft a letter for the selectboard to review.

VT state statutes require builders to meet energy efficiency requirements. As the statutes become clarified, the zoning board will need to address this requirement with builders.

Ms. Londa, Mr. Walker, Mr. Halsey and Mike Brown left the meeting at 9:27 pm.

Selectboard reviewed and edited the newsletter.

Chuck Wise requests a letter of intent from the selectboard to apply for a V-TRANS transportation enhancement program for Thetford Hill Village enhancements.

Selectboard Chair, Mark McMahon signed an overweight vehicle permit for Eric Thorp.

Members of THVIS walked the potential walking path between Thetford Academy and Library Rd. Drainage on Thetford Hill is still a concern.

Bill Thrane drafted a letter about lighted signs. Mary Spata will review the letter with him.

Motion to adopt the minutes of May 17, 2004, as amended (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.

Motion to adjourn at 10:25 pm. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.

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