Thetford Select Board Meeting


June 28, 2004


Present: Mike Brown, Paul Raymond, Mary Spata


Meeting called to order at 6:35 by Paul Raymond.


Mr. Raymond reported that he researched town records, past selectboard minutes, and highway certificates of mileage at District 4 AOT and could not find any reference to Pero Hill Road segment being thrown up on Mr. Fraser's property per his inquiry. Mr. Fraser was advised to contact his lawyer and present a certificate of proof as to the road being thrown up, before the town does anything further.


Mr. Raymond contacted Advantage Newspaper regarding complaints on delivery of newspapers.


Selectboard will advertise sale of three window air conditioners no longer in use at Town Hall since installation of central air. It was agreed to advertise air conditioners in It's Classified for $50 each.


Selectboard will ask Town Clerk not to place announcements or help wanted ads in Upper Valley Spectator, as the Valley News is the official newspaper for town notices.


Motion to approve Special Fund Warrant in the amount of $48,435.62, General Fund Warrant #21.1 in the amount of $4,906.36 and Highway Dept Warrant #21.2 in the amount of $4,445.63 and Payroll Warrant #21.4 in the amount of $6,828.56. (Raymond/Brown) passed unanimously.


Thetford Elementary School Board Chair, Charlie Buttrey, will be on agenda for July 12, 2004 at 7:00 pm to make a recommendation for the selectboard to appoint one of two applicants to fill the vacancy on the board. Mr. Joel Teenyanoff has requested that selectboard interview all candidates, which has not been customary in the past.


Motion to approve minutes of June 21, 2004, as amended. (Raymond/Brown) unanimous.


Motion to adjourn at 7:25 pm. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.

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