Thetford Select Board Meeting


July 12, 2004


Informal Discussion held from 6:30-7:35 pm.

Present: Mary Spata, Mike Brown, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: Patty and Bob Lichvar, Residents; Jim Lanctot, Police Officer; Allison Rogers, Reporter for Connecticut Valley Spectator (6:40 pm)


The Lichvars came to address an ongoing problem with Scott and Olivia Chapman's dog. They outlined the problems and how they have attempted to address them, including conversations with the Chapmans, the animal control officer and the police department. Sharon Harkay, animal control officer, has completed interviews with the Chapmans, Lichvars and others in the neighborhood. Officer Lanctot will obtain a written report from Ms. Harkay and address the animal control violations with the Chapmans. He will also follow up with the Lichvars. The Lichvars left the meeting at 6:55 pm.


Jean LaRivierre joined the meeting at 6:45 pm.


Officer Lanctot will be away for four months beginning August 1 to complete required police officer training. The selectboard will contact the Vt. State Police Department, Chief Soares of Norwich Police Department and the Lyme Police Department for support and coverage during Officer Lanctot's absence.


With Thetford's participation in the Click It or Ticket program, Officer Lanctot has earned the town $11,000 toward police equipment, including a $5,000 camera that will be installed on the police car.


Jill Graff joined the meeting at 7:00 pm to submit check warrants.

Charlie Buttrey, Chair of Thetford Schoolboard, and Chuck Wise, Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Planning Commission, joined the meeting at 7:05 pm.


Two candidates for the Police Chief position have been interviewed.

Officer Lanctot and Ms. Graff left at 7:08 pm.


Mr. Buttrey presented the candidates for the temporary schoolboard position and recommends Darren Clement.


Steve Fifield, Electrician, will repair the lights at the elementary school basketball court. Mr. Buttrey left the meeting.


Mr. Wise reviewed with the selectboard the agenda for this evening's public hearing on the proposed Academy Road path.


Jean LaRivierre discussed his safety concerns with low-flying balloons from the Post Mills airport. There have been occasions when balloons have almost come down on his home. He has had difficulty getting information from the FAA, who states they have no control over this airport. The selectboard (Mike Brown) will look further into this, including looking at local zoning ordinances.

Mark McMahon arrived and the meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm.


Update on Recycling Center Committee:

The committee is looking into a co-mingled (2) system (paper products and glass/metal/aluminum/plastic)

On August 2 the committee will make a presentation to the selectboard.

Mr. LaRivierre left at 7:40 pm.


Motion to approve a $600,000 Thetford Academy advance on property taxes at Merchant's Bank. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to appoint Darren Clement to Thetford School Board effective immediately. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


The grand lists of 2002 and 2003 were closed in February 2004. The selectboard (Mary Spata) will need to find out if the lists can be reopened if they are to further address the issue of abatements based on changes to assessed property values.


The chair of the selectboard, Mark McMahon, signed driveway permits for:

Michael and Michelle McKinstry at 46 Godfrey Rd.

Roger and Sue Ricker at 23 Lakeshore Rd., Post Mills

Michele Chabot and Peter Mager at 1056 Poor Farm Rd.

Edel Cortez at 428 Godfrey Rd.

Richard Balagur and Dorothy Anderson at 623 Miller Pond Rd.


July 12, 2004


Motion to approve Check Warrant # 23.1 (general) in the amount of $8,714.61, #23.2 (general) in the amount of $1,872.49, #23.4 (payroll) in the amount of $9,625.82 and #22.1 (general) in the amount of $69,758.33. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


Beginning mid-August for approximately two weeks, the Rte 113 end of Barker Rd. will be paved. The only entrance to Barker Rd. will be at a 90-degree angle.


Gary Ulman of Northwoods Excavating submitted a proposal of $10,740 to complete the town hall parking lot project.


Jim Lanctot will contact the Lyme Police Department to discuss coverage during his four-month absence.


Next week's agenda- Auto accident review, police department operations, Airport concerns, meeting with Fairlee Selectboard, Tax Abatement


The selectboard signed a grant award for continuation of removal of milfoil from Lake Fairlee.


The selectboard took a short recess at 7:57 pm to move to Thetford Hill for the public hearing. Marilyn Cook left the meeting.


Meeting reconvened on Thetford Hill at 8:05 for the purposes of a hearing to review of the proposed path between Library Road and Thetford Academy and the proposed Vermont Agency of Transportation Enhancement Grant Application.


Present: Jessica Londa, Chuck Wise, Mary Spata, Mike Brown, Mark McMahon, Senator Mark McDonald, Representative Jim Masland, Peter Blodgett, Chuck Cole, MaryDan & Mike Pomery, Mary & Dwight , Paul & Diane McGovern, Martha Rich, Rik Fowle, & Hunter, Leslie Carelton & Greg Gunderlach, Joan & Bill Tomasi, Nancy King, Nina Strauss, Carl Estabrook.


Hearing follows previous design meetings held last September and subsequent meetings of the Selectboard and Thetford Hill Village Improvement Society. Proposed path will require mitigation of existing drainage problems near Thetford Academy and removal of brush at Goddard Hall. Path is designed to be gravel surface approximately 6' wide and 20-30' from roadway for safety and to allow snow removal away from road snowplowing mounds. Work is proposed to be completed by town highway department possibly as part of town's 20% match for grant funding.


Grant proposal includes establishing medium and crosswalks on 113, improving sight lines on 113 by lowering roadway, establishing walkways to Thetford Elementary School, Post Office and Mimi walking trail.


All present were in favor of proposal. Selectboard will proceed to submit grant application. Design/construction meetings will take place once grant money is available.


Mr. Masland suggested the Selectboard consider naming area of 104 acre property in Post Mills "Barker Meadow."


Motion to adjourn 8:50 p.m. (McMahon/Spata) unanimous.

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