Thetford Select Board Meeting


August 2, 2004


PRESENT: Paul Raymond, Mike Brown, Mary Spata, Rick Barrows (6:45pm), Marilyn Cook (clerk)


Meeting called to order at 6:38 pm by Mike Brown.


Police Department Scheduling:

Lt. Goodell of Vt. State Police will attend the August 9, 2004 meeting (6:30 pm) to arrange police agreement with selectboard.


Motion to approve minutes of July 19, 2004, as amended. (Raymond/Spata). Motion passed with 3 in favor. Rick Barrows abstained, as he was absent from the meeting.


Motion to approve Check Warrant #26.2 (general) in the amount of $4,183.29 and #26.1 (general) in the amount of $6,033.30. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.


The town received a $5,000 grant for Polling Place Accessibility, the maximum amount available. The money will be used toward the town hall parking lot project.


Motion to authorize painting by Town and Country Painting to paint the trim and door on town garage for $1,500. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.


Mr. Brown updated the selectboard on his research into Jean LaRivierre's complaint about low flying balloons from the Post Mills Airport. FAA regulations cover hot air balloons, as they are considered aircraft. Mr. LaRivierre will need to make a complaint to the FAA; the town does not have any authority to address this issue. Mr. Brown will follow up with Mr. LaRivierre.


Scott Chapman arrived at 7:15 pm regarding fines that he received for violations of animal control ordinances. Since the selectboard had yet to receive reports from Police Officer, Laura Holt and Animal Control Officer, Sharon Harkay, they were unable to address Mr. Chapman's questions. They advised Mr. Chapman to respond to the tickets, because the selectboard is unable to intervene after a ticket is written. Mr. Brown will follow up with Officer Holt and Ms. Harkay and contact the Chapmans this week. This topic will be readdressed at the August 9 meeting at 7 pm.


Jean LaRiviere arrived at 7:20 pm and Andrew Cook arrived at 7:25 pm. Mr. Chapman left at 7:30 pm.


Frank Bonnett, John Fay (GUVSWD district representative) and Bob Walker arrived at 7:30 pm.


Lighting at the Elementary School basketball court continues to be a problem. Vandalism has caused damage to the electrical panel, lights, and automatic timers. The selectboard is interested in having repairs made as soon as possible. Mr. Raymond will ask Electrician, Steve Fifield, to provide an estimate on repairs. This item will be included on the next agenda.


Members of the Recycling Center Committee presented a report on recycling and trash removal (see attached reports available at the town office). The committee recommends a three-sort commingled recycling system at an approximate annual cost of $4,600. The current costs are approximately $25,600. Andrew Cook raised a concern about run-off from the bins and whether there are any regulations that would apply. The committee recommends a town-owned and operated compactor system at an approximate annual cost of $36,300 plus the purchase and maintenance costs of the compactor. The current cost to residents is approximately $52,300. Mr. Cook raised a concern about the town's liability of owning the trash compactor, as well as concerns about odors and leaching.


Mr. Cook left the meeting at 8:55 pm.


The committee's next steps include evaluating the site layout with possible engineering evaluation and holding a public hearing. Mr. LaRivierre and Frank Bonnett will meet at the site to begin the site evaluation process.


John Fay, Mr. Bonnett and Mr. LaRivierre left the meeting at 9:10 pm.


Bob Walker of Thetford Energy Commission requested feedback on the draft letter to neighborhood residents regarding the trial period of streetlights being turned off. The selectboard agreed that a one-month period of lights-off would be sufficient.


Mr. Walker left at 9:25 pm.


August 2, 2004


Motion to pay Road Crew Employee, Jim Pero, an additional $2.00 an hour for the period during the absence of a road foreman. (Raymond/Spata) Unanimous.


The Annual Treasure Island Beach Party will take place from 12-4 pm on August 13. All town employees are invited.


Motion to adjourn at 9:35 pm (Raymond/Barrows). Unanimous.

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