Thetford Select Board Meeting


August 23, 2004


PRESENT: Paul Raymond, Mary Spata, Mike Brown, Rick Barrows, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

GUESTS: Doug Stone-Road Foreman, Allison Rogers- Reporter for Connecticut Valley Spectator


The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm by Paul Raymond.


Doug Stone reviewed road crew business:

" Copy of bus routes is needed.

" Updated status of dirt roads and flushing of culverts.

" Truck #2's body needs replacement; if replaced, it will need to be approved as an emergency purchase.

" Pike will not be scheduled to pave until the Tucker Hill Rd repairs are complete.

" Mr. Stone will respond to a resident's e-mail regarding a concern on Five Corners Rd.

" Updated on status of equipment- log sheets are being maintained on all equipment.


Olivia Chapman joined the meeting at 7pm.

Mr. Stone left the meeting at 7:10pm.


Ms. Chapman and the selectboard discussed the current situation with the Chapman's dog. The Chapmans are working to resolve the issues with their dog and Ms. Chapman reviewed the steps they have taken to address the dog's barking and leaving their property. She was surprised by the recent action from the Animal Control Officer and would have preferred that the officer visit them.


Ms. Chapman left the meeting at 7:25 pm.


Motion to adopt the minutes of 8/16/04 as written. (Spata/Brown) 3 in favor. Mr. Raymond abstained, as he was absent from that meeting.


The selectboard received a copy of the grant application for the Thetford Hill Village Transportation Enhancement project that was recently submitted to the state. It is on file in the town clerk's office.


Mark McMahon arrived at 7:55 pm.


Motion to approve Check Warrant #29.3 (general) in the amount of $100.00, #29.1 (general) in the amount of $2,809.59, #29.4 (payroll) in the amount of $9,547.36 and #29.2 in the amount of $2,267.52 less the payment to Southworth-Milton, Inc. in the amount of $1,025.01. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.

The selectboard will review state recommendations for road signs at the Union Village Bridge.


The Thetford Trust requests to use the photocopier at town hall for publication of a local telephone directory. Due to the high volume, the selectboard would prefer a request for a contribution toward the publication.


Motion to enter Executive Session at 8:35pm to discuss personnel and legal matters. (Spata/Barrows) Unanimous.


Marilyn Cook and Allison Rogers left the meeting at 8:35 pm.

Motion to end executive session at 8:55 p.m. (Spata/Brown) unanimous.


Motion to increase pay rate for Laura Holt $.50 per hour effective next pay period (Barrows/Brown) unanimous.


Motion to inquire of Fire Department Trustees regarding the use of department equipment (Raymond/Barrows) unanimous.


Democratic Caucus will meet on Tuesday, 8/24 at Latham Library.

Republican Caucus will meet on Tuesday, 8/24 at American Legion.


Motion to adjourn at 9 p.m. (Spata/Raymond) unanimous.

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