Thetford Select Board Meeting


November 1, 2004


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Paul Raymond, Mike Brown, Rick Barrows, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

GUESTS: Doug Stone- Road Foreman

AGENDA: Road Foreman; Yellow Wood Associates- Consultants; Review Minutes


Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm by Mary Spata.


Doug Stone reported that trucks are being prepared for winter, road salt has been ordered and hauling of sand is nearly complete. They have finished roadside mowing. Mr. Stone will be interviewing candidates for the open position on the road crew.


Rick Barrows joined the meeting at 6:45 pm. Ellis Paige and John Carroll joined the meeting at 7:00 pm. Mr. Stone and Mr. Paige left the meeting at 7:05 pm. Bob Walker, Thetford Energy Committee; and Melissa Levy and Shanna Ratner, Yellow Wood Associates, joined the meeting at 7:05 pm.


Ms. Spata read correspondence from Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, denying Thetford's request for permission to municipalize street lighting. Bob Walker will continue to pursue lighting options.


Mike Pomeroy joined the meeting at 7:15 pm and Bob Walker left the meeting.


Ms. Levy and Ms. Ratner briefly described a service provided by Green Wood Associates called Green Community Technologies. They work with communities to assess municipal infrastructures and develop plans to implement alternative approaches.


Ken McDaniels joined the meeting at 7:30 pm. Ms. Levy and Ms. Ratner left at 7:35 pm.


John Carroll, new owner of Valley View Apartments, presented his plan to repair the failed septic system of this property.


Mike Pomeroy discussed his concerns with the zoning administrator and board in relation to his property located next to Baker's Store in Post Mills. The selectboard will discuss Mr. Pomeroy's concerns and the information he presented about the property with the zoning administrator.


Mr. Carroll left at 8:05 pm and Mr. Pomeroy left at 8:10 pm.


Ken McDaniels will join the budget committee. Mr. McDaniels left the meeting at 8:40pm.


There will be a Public Hearing on the draft of the Town Plan on November 11 at 7:00 pm at the Thetford Center Community Center Building.


Joseph Anthony has been hired as Police Chief for the town of Thetford.


Motion to approve the minutes of October 25, 2004, as amended. (Brown/Barrows) Motion passed with three in-favor. Paul Raymond abstained, as he was not at that meeting.


Motion to approve Check Warrants:

#40.1 (general) for $2,590.94

#39.2 (highway) for $2,274.69

#39.4 (payroll) for $

#40.3 (special accounts) for $5,060.12

(Brown/Raymond) Unanimous


Motion to approve the minutes of October 28, as written. (Barrows/Raymond) Unanimous.


Mike Brown and Mary Spata attended the Talk with Thetford Academy regarding Master Facilities Planning.


Mr. Brown attended a Vermont League of Cities and Towns training on budgeting on October 28.


Motion to adjourn at 9:02 pm. (Barrows/Raymond) Unanimous.

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