Thetford Select Board Meeting


November 22, 2004


PRESENT: Rick Barrows, Paul Raymond, Mike Brown, Mark McMahon, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

GUESTS: Bob Morey- CVPS Representative, Allison Rogers- Reporter for Connecticut Valley Spectator


Meeting called to order at 6:32 pm by Paul Raymond.


Bob Walker, Energy Committee, joined the meeting at 6:37 pm.


Move to note with sadness, the passing of Noel Perrin, a citizen of Thetford, the Upper Valley and the world. His passing is a loss for us all. The board expresses condolences to his family. (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.


Bob Morey came to meeting in response to selectboard correspondences with CVPS. CVPS needs to clearly understand Thetford's goals for streetlighting, so that it can go to the Public Service Board with Thetford's requests. Bob Walker reviewed Thetford's goals to increase lighting options for fixtures and bulbs, reduce street lighting, and gain financial savings. Mr. Morey will contact other communities who are moving in this direction, in order to move ahead with Thetford's request.


Lynne Miller, Budget Committee, joined the meeting at 6:45 pm. Mr. Morey left at 7:05 pm, and Ken McDaniels, Budget Committee, joined at 7:10 pm.

Listers, Janet Stowell, Denise Adams and Donna Durkee joined the meeting at 7:15 pm.


Mr. Walker reviewed recommended streetlights to turn off for the test outage in four Thetford villages. He also reviewed recommendations to increase efficiency in the town garage.


Motion to test the proposed lights off for the villages of N. Thetford, E. Thetford, Union Village and Post Mills. (Barrows/Brown) Unanimous.


The expected date to commence testing will be between December 6 and December 10.


The Recycling Committee will meet on December 7 at 7 pm at the town hall.


Bob Walker and Allison Rogers left at 7:35 pm and Mark McMahon joined at 7:45 pm.


The Listers reviewed their budget proposal for 2005. Ms. Stowell, Ms. Adams and Ms. Durkee left the meeting at 8:05 pm.


An open meeting with the Zoning Administrator and Verizon regarding a cell tower in East Thetford is tentatively rescheduled for December 15 at 3:00 pm at Thetford Town Hall.


Bill Thrane, Zoning Administrator, joined the meeting at 8:05 pm to review the proposed zoning budget for 2005. There is a proposal to increase the Zoning Administrator's hours from 14 to 16 per week and the Assistant from 4 to 10 hours per week.


Frank Bonnett, Recycling Center, joined the meeting at 8:30 pm and reviewed budget proposal for 2005.


Mr. Thrane left at 8:50 pm. Ms. Miller and Mr. McDaniels left at 9:10 pm, and Mr. Bonnett left at 9:15 pm.


The selectboard signed the annual septage disposal agreement with the town of Hanover.


Motion to approve the minutes of November 15, as amended. (Raymond/Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to approve Check Warrant Report:

#42.2 (highway) $198.12

#43.3 (general) $515.38

#43.1 (general) $35,387.01

(Barrows/Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to enter executive session at 9:30 pm to discuss personnel matters. (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.


Marilyn Cook left the meeting at 9:30 pm.


Out of executive session at 9:56 pm.

Reviewed six-month evaluation on two employees and approved increases in pay for both employees.


Motion to approve $1000 moving expense allowance for new Police Chief, Joe Anthony. (Barrows/Brown) Unanimous.


Adjourned at 10:02pm

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