Thetford Select Board Meeting


January 24, 2005


PRESENT: Mike Brown, Paul Raymond, Rick Barrows, Mark McMahon, Marilyn Cook (clerk)


GUESTS: Cathee Clement, Editor- Town Newsletter; Tracy Borst- Town Clerk; Dave Turner


AGENDA: Town Meeting Articles; Town Report Update; Finalize Town Meeting Warning; Review Minutes; New Business


Prior to the start of the meeting, Cathee Clement reviewed the contents of the monthly town newsletter with Mike Brown and Paul Raymond. Ms. Clement would like the board to consider options to mail the newsletter to residents who are unable to obtain it from the designated locations. Ms. Clement left before the meeting began.


The meeting was called to order at 6:55 pm.


Tracy Borst distributed a list of candidates for town and school offices. She reviewed progress on the town report and circulated a rough draft. Ms. Borst left the meeting at 7:15 pm.


John Bacon joined the meeting at 7:40 pm.


Move to approve the Thetford Common Steering Committee Report. (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.


Motion to approve town meeting article, "Do the voters of the Town of Thetford support the development of the Thetford Center Common as outlined in the Thetford Common Steering Committee Report?" (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.


Mark McMahon joined the meeting at 8:00 pm.


Articles for Town Meeting were reviewed.


Move to add article for town warning to purchase a second new police vehicle (Barrows/Brown). 3 in-favor; Mark McMahon opposed. Motion passed.


Jill Graff, Town Treasurer, joined the meeting at 8:20 pm to answer questions on the financial statements.


Ms. Borst rejoined the meeting at 8:25 pm.


Dave Turner left the meeting at 8:45 pm.


Marilyn Cook left the meeting at 10:30 pm.


Minutes of January 17, 2005 were approved as amended. (Brown/Barrows) Motion passed with 3 in-favor. Mark McMahon abstained, as he was not present at that meeting.


Town Budget was finalized.

Town Warning was finalized.

Selectboard authorized the installation of motion detector light on Rt. 244 in Post Mills.


John Bacon left the meeting at 11:00 pm. Jill Graff left the meeting at 11:35 pm. Tracy Borst left the meeting at 11:55 pm.


Motion to approve Check Warrant Reports:

2.1 (general) $3,184.89

3.1 (Special Revenues) $270.00

2.2 (Highway) $5,120.85

1.4 (Payroll) $13,233.73 (Brown/Barrows) Unanimous.



Meeting was adjourned at 12:10 am.

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