Thetford Select Board Meeting


March 21, 2005


AGENDA: Highway Department, Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste District (GUVSWD), Minutes Review

PRESENT: Mark McMahon, Doug Stone, Mike Brown, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

GUESTS: Nancy Stanley- Recycling Committee; Joe Anthony- Police Chief


Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm by Doug Stone


Discussion with Police Chief about computer passwords. Clarification was made between local computer systems versus Police systems. It was determined that the town has the information to access the local system on the police department's computers, if needed.


Chief Anthony discussed the possibility of obtaining an Emergency Phone that would be located outside town hall for direct access to the Thetford Police Dispatch, in the event that a police officer was not available in the police department. The cost would be approximately $250 to $300. A resident questioned the need and use of this type of system.


Chief Anthony will ask the Town Clerk to post an advertisement in the Valley News for an Administrative Assistant position for the Police Department.


Through a government surplus program, used equipment is available for towns and police departments. Road Foreman, Doug Stone and Chief Anthony will review the list when it comes out.


Logging/overweight trucks have been observed on some posted roads.


Chief Anthony left the meeting at 7:25 pm. Tracy Borst, Town Clerk, joined the meeting at 7:30 pm.


A Girl Scout troop is interested in selling cookies at the recycling center. Ms. Borst will talk with Frank Bonnett.


A resident has requested to have selectboard agenda and minutes e-mailed. This question raises the larger issue of the need for a town of Thetford website. Currently, the town clerk copies all correspondence between three or more selectboard members. A selectboard member who has e-mailed others is responsible to make hard copies for those who don't receive e-mail. Minutes of town committee meetings could be e-mailed to a separate address, and the selectboard or designee could download/file. Ms. Borst will contact Valley Net to look into options for adding e-mail addresses for the town.


John Fay and Fred Moody of GUVSWD joined the meeting at 7:50 pm.


Animal Control Officer, Sharon Harkay, has placed a stray dog in the pound. The selectboard will determine how to handle the situation. Mike Brown will follow up with Ms. Harkay.


Ms. Borst left the meeting at 7:55 pm.


Mr. Fay and Mr. Moody distributed the 2005 Calendar of Events. A special waste service collection will take place on April 30 in Thetford. Residents are able to participate in any of the posted events in the Greater Upper Valley.



March 21, 2005


Ben Bradley, Thetford's representative to the GUVSWD, joined the meeting at 8:05 pm.

Jim Masland will continue as alternative representative to the GUVSWD.


Currently the GUVSWD has a contract with the Lebanon Landfill for the next five years. GUVSWD has obtained an Act 250 and Driveway Permit for the Hartland property. As part of that permit, GUVSWD must show significant progress toward completion of that site by July 2007. Their plan is to continue to use the Lebanon Landfill while it is still available and affordable, while continuing progress toward an alternative site.


Mr. Fay and Mr. Moody left the meeting at 8:50 pm.


Doug Stone, Road Foreman, gave the highway report. He is working with Preferred Plumbing and Heating to get a price on air compression lines. Roads are posted. Road crew has been working on mud holes and thawing culverts. Mirrors on trucks are being repaired. Repairs are being made at the town garage, following a visit by OSHA. Mr. Stone is working with Blaktop and Pike to obtain pricing for potential paving sites. The selectboard approved four employees to attend grader school, being held at Oxbow.



" A resident on Pero Hill complemented the road crew's care of Pero Hill this winter.

" A statement of adjustment of the common level of appraisal for the town.

" Regarding the Act 250 application from Verizon Cell Tower for Quail John Road, the state needs more complete information on the application.


Nancy Stanley left the meeting at 9:15 pm.


Move to accept Check Warrant Reports:

#5.4 (payroll) $10,914.63

#9.1 (general) $7,146.31

#8.2 (highway) $14,353.71 (Brown/Stone) Unanimous.


Motion to accept the minutes of March 14, 2005, as amended. (Brown/McMahon) Unanimous.


Move to reappoint Gary Ulman as Surveyor of Wood and Lumber. (Brown/McMahon) Unanimous.


Motion to reappoint Ruel Barrett for Representative for the Agency on Aging, the White River Council. (Brown/McMahon) unanimous.


Motion to reappoint David Goodrich as Emergency Management Coordinator. (McMahon/Brown) Unanimous.


The selectboard completed payroll notification forms for Listers.


Mike Brown attended a Vermont League of Cities and Towns' Health Officers' Workshop.


Motion to adjourn at 9:50 pm. (Brown) Unanimous.

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