Thetford Select Board Meeting


April 11, 2005


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Doug Stone, Mike Brown, Mark McMahon, Marilyn Cook (clerk)


GUESTS: Jessica Lee, Reporter for Valley News; Jill Graff, Treasurer


Treasurer's Report:

Jill Graff distributed budget reports and answered questions.


Mark McMahon arrived at 7:10 pm.


With the approval of Article 14 at town meeting, the selectboard needs to establish a fund of $5,000 devoted to long term planning and improvements to the Thetford Community. Ms. Graff will establish a budget line for special funds.


Ms. Graff left at 7:20 pm.


Mr. McMahon will order a computer for the town garage and a laptop for the selectboard. The town clerk will set up an e-mail address for Thetford Selectboard through Valley Net.


Jennifer Davey joined the meeting at 7:30 pm.


Highway Report:

Doug Stone will move signs at the Union Village Bridge.


There are three applicants for a road crew position.


The selectboard noted unauthorized parking at the end of Barker Rd and Rte 113. They discussed need for more work at the site of the closed-off intersection.


The highway report was suspended for a planned agenda item.


Stuart Blood and Bill Thrane, Zoning Administrator, joined the meeting at 7:35 pm.


The town will receive and disperse grant money received by the Conservation Commission.


Nan Crowell joined the meeting at 7:45 pm.


Selectboard discussed the process to adopt the Town Plan. Prior to the public hearings, public comments and questions will be welcome during a planned time at weekly selectboard meetings, starting in two to three weeks and continuing until the public hearings. The selectboard plans to review certain parts of the plan each week and is interested that residents' concerns be voiced, heard and answered.


Bill Bridge joined the meeting at 7:50 pm.


A subcommittee to address zoning ordinances will have residents representing various zoning interests. The subcommittee will be appointed by the selectboard.


The selectboard noted appreciation to the Planning Commission and Zoning Board for their efforts and hard work on the town plan.


Jennifer Davey, Nan Crowell, Bill Thrane and Stuart Blood left the meeting at 8:20 pm.


Timesheets were reviewed.


Doug Stone met with consultants from Yellow Wood Associates today. They provided an infrastructure inventory that the selectboard will complete.







April 11, 2005



Highway Report, Continued:

Mr. Stone is obtaining estimates for paving of town roads.

Mr. Stone will apply for State Grant money for Class II roads for Academy Road.


Road crew will plan to grade Gove Hill Rd, Godfrey Rd, Burnham Rd, and Cross St.


Move to accept Driveway Permits for:

Leonard and Bernadette Braley at 1082 Latham Rd.

Raymond, Fred and Denise Adams at 1028 Stowell Rd.

Sidney and Gloria Pixley at 1605 Sawnee Bean Rd. (Brown/Stone) Unanimous.


Motion to approve Check Warrant Reports:

#10.2 $7,261.18 (highway)

#11.1 $18,850.33 (general) (Spata/Brown) Unanimous


Motion to reappoint Scott Stokoe, Aimee Pike and Jennifer Davey to Conservation Commission with terms ending 2007. (Brown/Stone) Unanimous.


Mike Brown will not be at the April 18 meeting.


Motion to warn first Public Hearing for adoption of Town Plan on May 23 at 7:00 pm at Town Hall. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.


Mr. McMahon will arrange with Town Clerk to place legal notice in paper and postings at three or more town locations. Mary Spata will post on the list serve.


Motion to approve minutes of April 4, 2005, as amended. (Spata/McMahon) Unanimous.


Selectboard reviewed the drawings of the site plan for the Thetford Recycling Center.


Motion to adjourn at 9:30 pm. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.

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