Thetford Select Board Meeting


April 18, 2005


PRESENT: Mary Spata, Mark McMahon, Doug Stone, Marilyn Cook (clerk)


GUESTS: Richard and Holly Towle


The Towles came to discuss the use of their gravel pit and the cooperative agreement between the Town of Thetford and neighboring towns to use Thetford town roads to obtain gravel. Doug Stone, Road Foreman, affirmed the cooperative work between Thetford and neighboring towns. Mr. Stone spoke with the Norwich road foreman and will follow up with him again. Mr. Stone gave Mr. Towle permission to repair/grade the road in front of his gravel pit, when neighboring towns have removed gravel.

Selectboard discussed liability issues when residents work on town roads. Whenever residents are interested in working on town roads, they need to contact and get approval from the road foreman.


Mr. Towle expressed his concern about the washout on Schoolhouse Road.


The Towles left the meeting at 8:00 pm.


Justices of the Peace (JP), Jean Wolstenholme, Brenda Magoon, Laurie Ingalls, Diane Osgood, Gladys Boyd, Paul Raymond and Cy Severance- Chair of the Board of Civil Authority (BCA), arrived at the meeting at 8:05 pm, along with Tracy Borst- Town Clerk.

Wendy Cole and Ann Swanson, JPs were unable to attend, but wanted to express their support of the BCA's request.


Cy Severance spoke on behalf of the BCA to request the honorary payments of $6.50 for BCA meetings and election duties be reinstated by the selectboard. Mr. Severance did not understand the rationale behind the selectboard's decision to take away the payments. The JPs consider the payments to be honorary and a symbolic gesture of the work they do. The JPs surveyed other towns, which showed varied information, including some towns that pay hourly and some that do not pay at all. The BCA feels that given the trend of mobile communities, it will be more difficult to find people to commit to this work.


Mary Spata spoke about the unpaid volunteer commitments of other town committees, and the principle of treating all volunteers equally. The board was also interested in addressing past inconsistencies, some volunteers were paid and others were not. They had not understood the history of volunteers choosing not to be paid. The selectboard has provided lists of community members interested in volunteering at elections and feel that this is still viable in Thetford.


The selectboard will readdress this topic on April 25 at 7:00 pm, to discuss as a full board. JPs are invited to attend.

Jean Wolstenholme, Brenda Magoon, Laurie Ingalls, Diane Osgood, Gladys Boyd, Paul Raymond and Cy Severance left the meeting at 8:50 pm.


Town Plan discussions will commence at the next meeting. The selectboard will have extra copies of the town plan and maps available at these meetings.


The selectboard discussed items to submit for the town newsletter.


The selectboard and town clerk are continuing to address additional space for the Police Department.



April 18, 2005


Grant applications were signed for Class II highway paving projects.


Ms. Borst left the meeting at 9:25 pm.


Mr. Stone will talk with Gary Ulman about replacing culverts on Tucker Hill Rd.


Road Crew employees are at grader school this week.


Allen Rowell will do some grading of roads next week.


Selectboard reviewed applications for a road crew position. Interviews will be held on Tuesday.


Motion to accept Check Warrant Reports:

#13.1 (highway) $9100.74

#6.3 (general) $2563.73

#7.4 (payroll) $9912.54

#11.2 (highway) $1697.66 (Spata/McMahon) Unanimous


Thetford Center Common Committee will meet with Gary Ulman to further discuss drainage and grading of the property at 7:00 pm on April 20, 2005. Mr. Ulman has offered to donate his work if the town will pay for fuel and culverts.


The recreational trails grant was not awarded to the town for the Thetford Center Common.


The Thetford Hill Common Committee meets April 20 at 6:30 pm.


A resident contacted Mary Spata with concern about the bridge at the outlet of Lake Fairlee.


Mr. Stone is working to establish a hazardous material room at the town garage, as required by OSHA.


Discussed need for parking of police vehicles in the near future.


Discussed various signs needed at town hall. It needs to be determined if the police department needs a separate sign or a listing among the other listed departments.


Reviewed properties with past or current junk vehicle violations.


Motion to adopt the minutes of April 11, 2005, as amended. (Spata/McMahon) Unanimous.


Discussed the process for zoning permits for signs. Signs located on state roads need state and town approval.


Motion to adjourn at 10:25 pm. (Spata/Stone) Unanimous.

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