Thetford Select Board Meeting


May 16, 2005


PRESENT: Mary Spata, John Bacon, Doug Stone, Mike Brown, Doug Stone, Mark McMahon

GUEST: Wayne Parks


Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Doug Stone.


Tony and Michael Thurston have requested to name a road on a subdivision off Poor Farm Rd. The selectboard is not involved in naming a private road. Mike Brown will respond to the Thurstons.


Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission announce that it will pay for test wells at the town garage through a grant.


Allison Rogers, Reporter for Connecticut Valley Spectator, arrived at 7:10 pm.


Ehrhardt Frost led a walk of the Post Mills Natural Area on May 14, with over twenty people in attendance. On May 22, Bill Shephard will lead a bird walk at 6:30 am.

A walking tour of the Hughes property will take place on June 5.


The new police cruiser has arrived.


Ken Gulick arrived at 7:15 pm.


Paul and Diane McGovern's road will be named Sugarhouse Lane.


Sean Mullen and Mark McMahon arrived at 7:25 pm. Judy Vaughan; Jim Masland, State Representative; and Jennifer Davey arrived at 7:28 pm.


Motion to accept minutes of May 9, 2005, as amended. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


Town Plan was reviewed:

Substantive changes to the document need to go back to the Planning Commission and then reviewed again in a Public Hearing.


Roberta Howard, Melissa Howard, Mike Pomeroy, Jennifer Davey, Tom Kent and Ruth Dwyer arrived at 7:40 pm.


Public comment, questions or concerns included:

Questions about restrictions in wellhead protection areas

Need for definition of terms and determination if those definitions are local, state or federal.

Power lines on undeveloped roads

Driveway setbacks

Buffer zones for wildlife

Recreational use on private property could be limited if town designates conservation/agricultural districts

Contradictions in plan

Plan provides solid guidance while allowing flexibility


Peter Blodgett arrived and Sean Mullen left at 8:05 pm. Tracy Borst, Town Clerk arrived at 8:15 pm.

Public comment ended at 8:30 pm.

Peter Blodgett remained at meeting while other residents left by 8:40 pm.


Mike Brown will moderate the Public Hearing on the Town Plan.


Bob Pulaski resigned his position on the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment. Mary Spata will write a letter of thanks to Mr. Pulaski for his volunteer work on the commission.


Move to appoint Kenneth Robinson and Richard Haugen (to 2006), Sean Mullen and Dennis Marquise (to 2007) and Dennis Donahue and Tim Taylor (to 2008) to the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.




May 16, 2005


Motion to appoint Stuart Blood to the Planning Commission. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous


Ms. Spata will contact Stuart Blood, Sean Mullen and the other candidate.


The Thetford website needs updating and to be maintained.


There has been a request to use the Post Mills Conservation Area for a pheasant shoot. The selectboard needs to establish a framework for use of the area. Mr. McMahon will respond to the request.


Ellis Paige joined the meeting at 9:05 pm.


The final plan for the Sayre Bridge repairs will be presented in July with construction expected next year. Patching of the pavement is scheduled for this week.


Mr. Paige left the meeting at 9:10 pm.


Motion to appoint Mark McMahon and Mike Brown as Fence Viewers. (Stone/Bacon) Unanimous.


Motion to appoint Mike Brown as Weigher of Coal. (Spata/Bacon) Unanimous.


Motion to appoint Mary Spata and Mike Brown as Surveyors of Wood and Lumber. (McMahon/Bacon) Unanimous.


Selectboard will review and comment on the contract for the Police Chief.


Motion that the selectboard is not in-favor of an emergency phone being placed outside town hall for contact with the police department. (Bacon/Brown) 4 in-favor. Mark McMahon opposed. Motion passed.


The town office will purchase Excel program for computers that don't already have it.


Motion to reimburse Godfrey Rd. Holdings in the amount of $502 as a result of a tax sale transfer of property. (McMahon/Bacon) 4 in-favor. Mary Spata abstained. Motion passed.



Jay Walden, Upper Valley Land Trust, regarding stewardship of the Post Mills Natural Area.


A municipal impact questionnaire for an Act 250 permit. Mr. McMahon will complete.

Act 250 permit for Donald and Joyce Newton for property on Route 5.


A site visit regarding an Act 250 permit for Verizon Cell Tower will take place on June 7 at 8:30 on Quail John Rd. The hearing will follow at the town office.


Auditors will begin to review the town books on Tuesday.


Doug Stone received a letter of concern from a resident, regarding damage to a lawn that the resident believed was caused by the town road.


The deadline for the town newsletter is this week. Selectboard reviewed items to be submitted.


Motion to approve Check Warrant Reports

#14.2 Highway for $2,537.93

#17.1 General for $17,736.34

#9.3 Special Funds for $21,982.00

#9.4 Payroll for $10,008.93 (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to adjourn at 10:00 pm. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.

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