Thetford Select Board Meeting


May 23, 2005


Present: Mike Brown, Mary Spata, Doug Stone, John Bacon, Mark McMahon, Marilyn Cook (clerk)

Guests: many residents in attendance of the public hearing


Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Mike Brown.

Motion to recess to hold Public Hearing at 7:30 pm (Brown/Stone) Unanimous.


The Public Hearing of the proposed Town Plan convened at 7:30 pm with Mike Brown as moderator.


Following is a list of comments, questions and concerns of community members:


What happens to property values in agricultural and conservation districts?

Development in clustered housing areas

The word "mandate" appears on page 43.

Agricultural districts could provide good housing

Should consider topography of land rather than amount of land

Concern with rural residential designation

Lack of information provided to land owners

Support of plan

United opposition of plan by Thetford farmers

An inequality of district designations/need for consistent rules

Comparison to other VT towns that have been developed

Petition signed by 364 people to keep the current plan

The map showing community business area extends too far south on Rte. 5

Support of plan/a vision for the town

Zoning regulations will dictate specific requirements

Proposed plan is not so different from current plan

The lower part of Vaughan and Cedar Circle properties are zoned city/development properties

Partnerships between farms and towns are needed and long-term solutions to the issues raised with the new plan

Riparian buffers/habitat questioned

A subcommittee with a cross-section of community members will be formed to work on the vision of zoning and consider hypothetical scenarios.

Why is there a need to mandate a 150 foot buffer area in conservation districts?

Support of clustering/should be defined as part of zoning regulations

Need to respect individual rights of property owners

lack of affordable housing in Upper Valley-restrictions will further limit and increase costs

similar wording of draft and current plans/ 1999 plan would have allowed for conservation districts through zoning regulations

By imposing districts, what is the effect on property taxes?

Listers have designated neighborhoods; are neighborhoods designated in conjunction with districts?

Need definition and size of wellhead protection areas

If there are no restrictions, the population increases, which increases the need for services such as schools, roads, etc.

Compensate inequities that the plan creates

Create plan with residents; there was a lack of involvement early on in the process

Hypothetically 7500 houses could be built with the new plan

Maps could be changed


Motion to reconvene meeting at 9:30 pm (McMahon/Spata) Unanimous.

Motion to accept Check Warrants:

#15.2 highway $1,718.28

#18.1 general $2,671.17 (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to enter Executive Session at 9:40 pm to discuss personnel (Stone/McMahon) Unanimous.


Motion to adjourn at 9:45 pm. (Brown/Spata) Unanimous.

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