Thetford Select Board Meeting

Thetford Selectboard Minutes

June 20, 2005


Present: Mary Spata, Mike Brown, John Bacon, Mark McMahon, Doug Stone

Guests: Michael Maddalena, Rebecca Siegel, Julie Montague, Diane Osgood and Gary Osgood


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm by Mike Brown


Michael Maddalena and Rebecca Siegel came to request to move their driveway and use part of an unused class IV road.


Mr. Maddalena and Ms. Siegel left at 7:15 pm. Li Shen and Stuart Blood arrived.


Jessica Eaton arrived at 7:20 pm. Dave Fisk and Jennifer Davey arrived at 7:20 pm.


Julie Montague owns property off Sawnee Bean Rd toward Whippoorwill. She wants to access property, which is adjacent to a town-owned property, from Whippoorwill. Selectboard will confer with Conservation Commission and Upper Valley Land Trust to learn more about the limitations.


Gary and Diane Osgood request approval to add gravel to Cider Mill Rd, a class IV road, near their residence. Doug will respond with the decision of the selectboard.

The Osgoods left at 7:45 pm.


Town Plan Discussion:

Will Allen, Simon Harris, Heather Carlos, Heinz Trebitz, Chris Levey, Peter Gregory- Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission, Ehrhard Frost, Jim Masland, Jessica Eaton, Ruth Dwyer, Wayne Parks, Lori Howard, Rick Howard, Roberta Howard, Miranda and Andrew Martin were present for the discussion.


Floor was opened to public comment:

Comments included support of the plan and suggestions for editing the plan to make it more readable and understandable, concerns about not having a plan in place, suggestion of overlaying topographical maps to better determine districts, allowance for small lots in rural areas and ways to address or compensate loss of potential development, hire a professional editor, concern that the planning commission is not hearing the people's concerns, concern that general language will be changed in zoning by-laws, suggestion that a small committee work on the plan, rather than public forum, concern that reappraisals/designation of neighborhoods is not connected to the town plan, comment that the town plan allows for development that is feasible and realistic. Peter Gregory of TRORC commented that the selectboard may make changes to the plan. If those changes were substantial, the plan would be submitted to the planning commission for their response/feedback. Mr. Gregory offered his support if the town changes the plan or maps.

Residents left at 8:35 pm. Jessica Eaton and Ehrhard Frost remained at the meeting. Tracy Borst, Town Clerk joined the meeting at 8:35 pm.


Mr. Frost's daughter's car was vandalized while parked overnight at Thetford Academy. There is concern regarding the response to his phone messages to the Thetford Police Department. Unanswered phone calls should be transferred to Vt. State Dispatch, but a new answering machine in the Thetford Police office is interrupting this service. Mr. Frost expressed concern about the lack of police presence at Baccalaureate.


Jessica Eaton is not satisfied with the response of the selectboard following an incident that she had with the police chief. The selectboard is unable to discuss how they handle personnel issues due to confidentiality.


Ms. Eaton and Mr. Frost left at 8:53 pm

Tracy Borst reviewed dog license registrations that are overdue.


Reviewed correspondence from E.Thetford Water Company.


Thetford Selectboard Minutes

June 20, 2005


A Thetford website lists El Wilson's residence phone number as Treasure Island number, which she has requested changed. The selectboard plans to update the town's website.


Ms. Borst requests to hire 10 hours of office support, budgeted but not being used. Town Clerk often performs duties that are not town clerk responsibilities.


Move to approve the town clerk to hire an office assistant for 10 hours. (Bacon/Spata) Unanimous.


Ms. Borst left at 9:40 pm.


Motion to approve minutes of June 13, 2005, as amended. (Spata/Bacon) Unanimous


Move to approve driveway permit for John Lyons for 4 Pavillion Rd. (Brown/Bacon) Unanimous.



Fire Chief, Don Fifield- concern about condition of town roads. Selectboard will invite Fire Chief Fifield to next meeting.


State Permit received to allow for use of state right-of-way during the construction of the walking path at the Thetford Center Common.


Bill Thrane will be leaving his position as Zoning Administrator in the fall. Position will be posted to allow for training.


Letter from John Carroll- copies of local and state water supply and waste disposal permits for the Shearz Hair Salon. He provided an update on the functioning of the septic system and engineering analysis of work to be done which he plans to complete.

Motion to approve Check Warrant Reports:

18.2 highway $5,226.32

21.1 general $11,415.63

11.3 Special Funds $2,030.10 (Stone/Bacon) Unanimous


Copies of the Management Plan for Post Mills Natural Area were distributed and will be reviewed and signed at next meeting.


BCA meeting June 29 at 6:30pm.


Recycling Center- discussion of future plans. Bob Walker will provide assistance.


Motion to enter executive session to discuss personnel issue at 10:15 PM (Bacon/Stone) Unanimous.


Marilyn Cook left the meeting


Motion to end executive session at 10:45 pm. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to request Police Chief attend the next meeting. (Spata/Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to adjourn at 10:50 pm. (Stone/Spata) Unanimous.

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