Thetford Select Board Meeting


August 15, 2005


Present: Mike Brown, Doug Stone, Marilyn Cook (clerk), Mark McMahon (7:25 PM), John Bacon (7:35 PM)


Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by Mike Brown.

Move to recess until such time there is a quorum. (Brown/Stone) Unanimous

Move to reconvene at 7:25 PM (McMahon) Unanimous


Selectboard Chair, Mark McMahon, signed the contract with Yellow Wood Associates.


Discussion of Outdoor Lighting and Illuminations Ordinance was postponed to next meeting.

John Bacon joined the meeting at 7:35 PM.


Move to reconsider the expenditure of approximately $4,526.00 for the repair of the Ford police vehicle at Gateway Motors (Brown/Stone) Unanimous

Discussion: Watson's Automotive has maintained the Ford Explorer since its purchase in 1999. The board would like an estimate from Watson's before proceeding with repairs. Selectboard has had previous discussions of purchasing a car that gets better gas mileage for police travel to meetings.


Move to repair the wheel bearings on the Ford Explorer and assess the airbags at Watson's Garage. (Brown/Bacon) Unanimous


In response to the correspondence from Donald Newton, regarding application TSD 560, the Selectboard will request the Health Officer to view the proposed septic system.


Selectboard reviewed payroll. Time cards for Police Department were absent. Selectboard will request Town Treasurer, Jill Graff, to provide a uniform time sheet to all town employees.


Selectboard reviewed bills for paving Godfrey Rd. and Gove Hill Rd.


Motion to authorize road foreman, Doug Stone, to move ahead with skim coating of Latham road and paving the sections over replaced culverts on Tucker Hill Rd (McMahon/Brown) Unanimous


Mr. Stone will contact Blaktop to inquire about a more competitive price to complete the job.


Two used culverts will be donated to Fairlee Snowmobile club for repair of VT Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) trails


Listers' Consultant is attending tax appeal hearings. Mr. McMahon will ask Listers about the need for consultant to attend the meetings.


The complete audit of the town books from 2004 is available at town office during regular business hours.


Move to enter Executive Session to discuss personnel at 8:35 PM (McMahon) Unanimous.

Motion to end Executive Session at 8:50 PM with no action taken (Brown) Unanimous.


Motion to approve Check Warrant Reports:

#28.1 General $353,378.78

#25.2 Highway $5,739.50 (Brown/Bacon ) Unanimous


Doug Stone will talk with a Thetford Center Community Center member to determine reason for flags being flown at this time. Selectboard approved flags to be flown on four specified holidays.


Selectboard notes the passing of Kenneth Bragg and sends condolences to his family.


Motion to approve minutes of August 8, 2005 as written. (Stone/Bacon) 3 in-favor. Mr. McMahon abstained, as he was not at that meeting.


Agenda items for next week: 7:00 PM Police Department and Fire Department; 7:30 PM Executive Session- Police Department; 8:00 PM Town Clerk- selling trash tickets, 8:30PM Lighting Ordinance; 9:00 PM, Town Plan Review update

Move to adjourn at 9:10 PM (Brown/Bacon) Unanimous.

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